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The Mysterious Man of Solomon's Era Teleportation Technology

Digital-based technology is already showing symptoms of teleportation.

Man Teleportation of the Prophet Sulaiman Era
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Man Teleportation of the Prophet Sulaiman Era

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Humans have not yet been able to create teleportation technology. Only, the remote delivery of objects in that instant can already be witnessed in science fiction films. Star Trek to Doraemon cartoons introduce us to what and how teleportation is.

Digital-based technologies are already showing symptoms of teleportation. The speed at which humans interact with other humans in distant countries via the Internet is a practice of transmitting data superfast over distances of thousands of kilometers.

Today we can also communicate digitally with mobile phones. The existence of meta technology brings humans to a new realm, the metaverse. Technologies that present humans in the digital realm.

Back to teleportation, human ancestors with their intelligence could have done just that. This is as told in the Quran.

Solomon said, “O great master, who among you can bring his throne to me before they come to me as a self-sacrificer?” Said Ifrit (the clever one) of the genies. “I will come to you bringing the throne to you before you stand up from your seat; verily I am strong enough to bring it again believably. “Says one who has knowledge of the Book, “I will bring the throne to you before your eyes blink” (An-Naml 27:38-40).

The Quran introduces teleportation technology through the story of the Prophet Solomon in the above three verses. Quoted from the Sparks of Science in the Quran by Bambang Pranggono, the story begins with a report of a hudhud bird that reports the existence of a queen in the Land of Saba who still worships the sun. The queen also had a great throne.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) ordered the elders to move the throne before the queen's entourage arrived at his palace. It is said that the queen had to travel 2000 km from Yemen to Yerussalem.

Ifrit, the ingenious genie then undertook to move the throne within a few seconds. During the movement people rise to their feet from sitting. However, a man of knowledge (from the Scriptures) managed him to move the throne faster in the blink of an eye.

Muhammad Ibn Jarir at Thabary, in his commentary, explained that the learned man had recited a certain Asthma of Allah so that it was more sacred than the jinn. At Thabary mentioned, the asthma that is conveyed is “O our Lord, the Lord of all things, the one Lord, there is no God but You, bring me the throne.”

Bambang Pranggono wrote, the interesting thing is that the demonstration of loyalty was not a miracle of the Prophet Solomon. Teleportation is carried out by ordinary, knowledgeable humans. Even this human can defeat the magical powers of the jinn.

Until now, the teleportation ability of a sage in the time of the Prophet Solomon has not been achieved. Only, in the book The Stars My Destination by A Bester reveals, by 2510, human teleportation had already become common. When that happens, other means of transportation become obsolete because humans can go to all corners in space in an instant.

Instant travel with this in mind is called jaunting. Thus, Bambang Pranggono also invites us to be grateful that the Quran introduced teleportation long before scientific discoveries.

Reported from the book Time in the Perspective of the Quran and Science published by Balitbang Kemenag, verse 39 of the letter explains that Ifrit belongs to a group or even an enlarged group of jinn. He was able to carry the throne or throne of Queen Balqis, from the land of Saba' (Yemen) to Jerusalem in the time he called “before you (Solomon) stood up from your seat”.

The length of a king's sitting on his throne, the main thing in receiving his elders is from the morning until the middle of the day, i.e. the slipping of the sun (al-Hanafi, 2005). So it can be estimated at about 09.00 — 12.30, or about 3.5 hours. So 'Ifrit was able to carry the throne in less than 3.5 hours, say a maximum of three hours.

This three-hour time is twice the distance, namely from Jerusalem to Saba' (Yemen) and from Saba' (Yemen) to Jerusalem. Thus, the distance that Ifrit traveled from Saba' (Yemen) to Jerusalem was only 1.5 hours. The distance traveled by road, by camel vehicle between Yemen and Palestine is about 2 months or 1,440 hours.

Thus, the time it took Ifrit to carry the throne was 960 times faster than the camel vehicle of that time. This is quite plausible considering that Ifrit belongs to a group of jinn, whose creation was carried out on the basis of fire or light. Ifrit's speed was certainly remarkable, but it turned out that he was still less fast than one who had knowledge of the scriptures as described in verse 40 above.

“He”, having knowledge of the Book, was able to carry the throne of Queen Balqis from her place in the land of Saba to Jerusalem, only in the time he called “before your eyes blink”.

The blink of an eye has a speed of 300-400 milliseconds (wiki.answer.com). One millisecond equals 10-3 seconds, or 1 millisecond will equal about 0.3x10-6 hours. Take one blink of an eye it takes 400 milliseconds, then that time is equivalent to 120x10-6 hours or 0.00012 hours.

This time is the return time to Saba-Jerusalem; in other words, the time taken to Saba-Jerusalem is 0.00006 hours. This speed means 24,000,000 times faster than the camel vehicles of the time; or 250,000 times faster than the Ifrit.


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