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420 Islamic Schools Across Indonesia Hold Solidarity for Palestine

Students are asked to participate in the All Eyes on Rafah movement

Solidarity for Palestine.
Foto: Dok JSIT
Solidarity for Palestine.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Indonesian Network of Integrated Islamic Schools (JSIT) together with hundreds of Integrated Islamic Schools (SIT) members, held a solidarity action for Palestine simultaneously in each school across Indonesia, Friday (31/5/2024)

In this one-day action, JSIT Indonesia General Chairman Fahmi Zulkarnain invited and called on school principals across Indonesia to take part in defending Palestine.

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“Let us join hands in supporting the solidarity action for the Palestinians by holding activities on the theme of 'Indonesian Children Defend Palestine' in their respective schools after a few days ago Israel targeted the refugee camp in Rafah, which made hundreds of displaced Palestinians martyrs,” Fahmi said.

Together, Fahmi said, each school can raise students' and citizens' awareness of the importance of humanity and global justice and provide tangible support to the struggling Palestinian people, as mandated in the 1945 Constitution's preamble and the implementation of Pancasila's second precept, Fair and Civilized Humanity, as well as participating in maintaining world peace.


“Be part of this movement and show that Indonesia's young generation cares and is ready to stand up against injustice with the hashtag #alleyesonrafah. Let's realize our real action on Friday, May 31, 2024, a full day together with the struggle of the Palestinian people,” Fahmi Zulkarnain exclaimed.

Please note that until Friday (31/05) morning, there are already 420 Integrated Islamic Schools spread from Aceh to Papua and will simultaneously participate in Solidarity Action for Palestine in each school. The estimated number of participants in the action reached tens of thousands spread over several regions.

The event will be filled with various activities, one of which is joint prayer, humanitarian orations, theater of struggle and various other activities.

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