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BMH to Distribute Qurban Animals to Other Parts of The Country

BMH launches Happy with Berqurban program.

Discussion and launch of Bahagia program with Berqurban organized by BMH in Jakarta, Thursday (30/5/2024).
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Discussion and launch of Bahagia program with Berqurban organized by BMH in Jakarta, Thursday (30/5/2024).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Baitul Maal Hidayatullah (BMH), one of the philanthropic organizations engaged in social and humanitarian fields, presented the program “Happy with Berqurban” in celebration of Eid al-Adha 1445 Hijriyah.

The program aims to bring happiness and sharing to others, especially to those in need, through the slaughter and distribution of sacrificial animals, especially to inland, coastal, remote to rural and cross-country communities.

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“Through the 'Happy with Berqurban' program, BMH invites Muslims in Indonesia to participate in this glorious worship and feel happiness in sharing. Qurban is not only a form of worship, but also an opportunity to ease the burden of our underprivileged brothers,” said BMH President Director Supendi at the launch of the “Happy with Berqurban” program in Jakarta, Thursday (30/5/2024).

BMH provides a wide selection of sacrificial animals at affordable prices, ranging from goats, cattle, to Archipelago sacrifice packages that will be distributed to remote areas throughout Indonesia and abroad such as in Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and so on.


BMH also ensures that the slaughter and distribution of sacrificial animals is carried out professionally, safely, and hygienically, and targeted to those in need.

“This year, BMH is targeting the slaughter and distribution of 14,000 sacrificial animals, both at home and abroad. We are also opening donations for the Qurban Without Borders program that will be channeled to Muslim brothers in African and Asian countries experiencing food difficulties,” he said.

BMH invites the whole community to participate in the “Happy with Berqurban” program and be part of the shared happiness on Eid al-Adha Day.

Donations can be made through various channels, such as BMH websites, bank transfers, or through BMH outlets scattered throughout Indonesia.

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