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President Jokowi Launches GovtTech Indonesia

That bureaucratic presence should serve, not slow down or complicate.

Rep: Antara/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
President Joko Widodo unveiled a digital platform for INA Digital integrated public services at Istana Negara, Jakarta, on Monday (27/5/2024). (ANTARA/
Foto: Antara/Yashinta Difa
President Joko Widodo unveiled a digital platform for INA Digital integrated public services at Istana Negara, Jakarta, on Monday (27/5/2024). (ANTARA/

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- President Jokowi Widodo (Jokowi) unveiled Indonesia's Government Technology (GovTech) named INA Digital at Istana Negara, Central Jakarta, Monday (22/5/2024). The launch of INA Digital as an integrated solution provider of various government digital services, including national portals and infrastructure-related services, is considered essential to improve Indonesia's competitiveness globally.

“We have to strengthen our digital public infrastructure, a kind of highway for the digitization of public services. We must also strengthen our GovTech, an integrated portal that we call INA Digital,” Jokowi said in his speech.

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The launch of INA Digital, according to him, confirmed that the bureaucratic presence was supposed to serve, rather than slow down or complicate society. “It should be that the benchmark is the satisfaction of the community, the benefits received by the community, as well as the ease of community affairs,” Jokowi said.

He also alluded to the background of integrating the public service platform because previously there were 27,000 applications or platforms in ministries and agencies, as well as local governments, which all work independently. “That's why I said starting this year stop creating new apps, stop creating new platforms. Stop!” Jokowi said.


The integration of the public service platform into INA Digital, also called Jokowi, will save the state budget up to Rp 6.2 trillion, which was initially allocated for creating new applications.

“In one ministry there are more than 500 applications. Imagine. Since it was possible that in the past every minister changed the application, in any region the governor changed the application, the head of the department changed the application. The orientation is always the project. That is what we stopped and should not be continued again,” Jokowi said.

After the launch of INA Digital, the government will gradually integrate the services of each ministries/institutions that now still have their own applications. The target is that by September 2024, some of these public services have already become interoperable.

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