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Military Spokesperson: Personnel Collaborates with People of Papua

The presence of the police at the request of the medical team who feared that OPM's safety was threatened.

Rep: Antara/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Police and military officers collaborate to develop Papua.
Foto: Antara//Yuvensius Lasa Banafanu
Police and military officers collaborate to develop Papua.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Head of Illumination of Military Regional Command (Kapendam) XVII/Cendrawasih Letkol Inf Candra Kurniawan confirmed that the news that the joint army of TNI-police expelled patients and closed the IGD room of RSUD Madi in Paniai Regency, Central Papua Province, is a hoax.

Kapendam said that the false news was deliberately broadcast by the separatist group OPM in order to create a stir. The reason, carried out by the joint military and military forces in Madi RSUD, Paniai Regency, was to secure the health facility from OPM threats. He accused the OPM of intending to burn down the hospital.

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“The news that is spreading is a hoax deliberately spewed out by OPM and its sympathizers. Just at this time, military personnel from the 527th Infantry Battalion (Yonif) helped to carry out the security of Madi Paniai Hospital, because there were complaints from the public that the OPM hordes would burn down the RSUD,” Candra said when contacted in Jakarta, Sunday (26/5/2024).

He explained that the presence of the joint forces in RSUD Madi, Paniai was also at the request of the medical team who feared that his safety was threatened by the OPM group. According to Candra, a number of misleading narratives on social media, including the issue of children's patients being forced to search hospitals, RSUD doors being closed in a cross-linked manner, and a number of old photographs, re-circulated with erroneous narratives.


Illumination Kodam Cendrawasih, Candra said, had contacted the hospital directly and found out the truth of the video and photos circulating on social media. Some explanations from the RSUD management, among other things, the door lock of the hospital was broken, so that the doors were crossed so that medicines and medical equipment were not lost.

“Medical personnel and Madi RSUD officials denied the hoax news. In fact, it confirmed that the employees of the RSUD closed the door in a defensive way, fearing that medicines and medical devices were lost. Meanwhile, children's patients were transferred to Deiyai Hospital, because Madi Hospital does not have a pediatrician,” Candra said.

“So, it is now clear that the military has never expelled patients. The photo (which is circulating on social media) is an old incident, whereas at the moment it is not like that. So, it's all a hoax deliberately breathed out by the OPM horde and its sympathizers,” Candra added.

Several areas in Kampung Madi, Paniai Regency this week, were targeted by OPM attacks. The group set fire to several school buildings and dozens of kiosks in Kampung Madi, East Paniai District, Paniai Regency, Central Papua, on Tuesday (21/5/2024) night WIT.

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