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Recommendations for Reading Al Mulk Chapter Before Bed

Muslims who read Surat Al Mulk before going to bed will get reward and favor.

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Secret Infographic of Surat Al Mulk
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Secret Infographic of Surat Al Mulk

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Surat Al Mulk is one of the letters in the Quran that has special features, as mentioned in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The letter consists of 30 verses and is known for its various benefits and virtues for those who read it diligently.

In the explanation of Egypt's Dar Al Ifta, it is stated that a Muslim who reads Surat Al Mulk before going to bed will get abundant reward and goodness. This virtue is not only limited to reward, but also includes protection and prosperity in one's life. These virtues make Surat Al Mulk a highly recommended practice to be used as a daily routine, especially before going to bed.

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In a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “There is a letter in the Quran with 30 verses that serve as intercession (helper) for a person until he gets forgiveness. That is Surah Tabarak (Al-Mulk).” (H.R. Abu Daud, At-Tirmidzi and Ibn Majah)


As for the historical hadith Jabir bin Abdullah RA mentions that the Prophet Muhammad did not sleep unless he had previously read these two letters. One such letter is Al Mulk.

“Whoever recites Tabarokalladzi bi yadihil mulk (Surah Al-Mulk) every night, then Allah SWT will save him from the torment of the grave. We (the companions of the Prophet) in the days of the Prophet (PBUH) named the letter 'Al Maani'ah' (the savior from the punishment of the grave). This is a letter in the Quran that anyone who reads it every night has done good and multiplied it.” (HR an-Nasa'i)

In Al Mawsu'ah al-Qur'aniyah Khasais Al Suur by Jafar Syarf Al Din, the secret behind Surah Al Mulk is mentioned.

It is also an image that glorifies and glorifies Allah. God is the only one who has power over all things. It is in His hands that power resides. To Him, all things return. Nothing is impossible for God.

God made death and life a trial and test for His servants, so that He might know who is the doer of good among the wrongdoers. If He tests a person with all these things, then He receives repentance from His servant.

Surah Al Mulk contains musings on the creation of Allah SWT. The verses in Surat Al Mulk emphasize the need to reflect on the creation of Allah SWT and the perfection of God's work in creating the heavens and stars without making them fall.

Also on the creation of the birds and his ability to fly without falling down and He guarded them with His grace. Reflecting on the verses in Surah Al Mulk is enough to attain faith in Allah SWT. This is one of the great influences of Surat Al Mulk for its readers.

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