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Food Task Force on Finding Fake Oil on Market

Fake Oil Samples Are Now Under Investigation.

A trader shows <p>MinyaKita folk packaged cooking oil sold at his stall in Pasar Kosambi, Bandung, West Java, Thursday (7/12/2023).
A trader shows

MinyaKita folk packaged cooking oil sold at his stall in Pasar Kosambi, Bandung, West Java, Thursday (7/12/2023).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PACITAN -- The Resor Police Department (Polres) of Pacitan, East Java began investigating the finding of fake Minyakita products in a number of traditional market stalls and stalls.

“Members have been ordered to investigate this case. There are indeed Minyakita bottles of 800 milliliters and 900 milliliters (allegedly fake),” Pacitan Police Chief, AKBP Agung Nugroho in Pacitan, said on Thursday (23/5/2024).

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The fake oil sample is now under investigation. Police are also continuing to coordinate with the Department of Trade and Labor and the Food Task Force to analyze whether the case has criminal elements.

“It's still in this yes process, whether there is a criminal element or not. This is so as not to also unsettle the community in Pacitan,” he said.


If the results of the investigation are proven, the police chief ensures that the case will be raised to the investigation stage. Anyone who produces and distributes intentionally will be caught in accordance with applicable laws

“We first check whether there is a criminal element or not. Let the officers on the ground work first,” he said.

TheFood Task Force together with Tipiter Satreskrim of Pacitan Police conducted a sitak at Pasar Minulyo Pacitan. This food task force initially only ensured the price of Minyakita in the market, as Minyakita was indeed widely sold above the highest retail price (HET).

On-site monitoring officers search one by one place in Minulyo Market, to ensure that Minyakita is available and sold according to HET.

In recent months, Minyakita's stocks of subsidized cooking oil have been limited. In Minulyo Market, Minyakita is found, but not refillable packaging only bottle packaging. The price exceeds the HET set by the government, namely at Rp 16 thousand per liter.

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