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BSI International Expo 2024 Encourages Halal Industry Literacy

There are about 196 booths that are currently 100 percent filled.

Rep: Fauziah Mursid/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
SVP Marketing Communication BSI Kemas Erwan Husainy (left) and SVP Corporate Secretary & Communication BSI Vishnu Sunandar (right)
Foto: BSI
SVP Marketing Communication BSI Kemas Erwan Husainy (left) and SVP Corporate Secretary & Communication BSI Vishnu Sunandar (right)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk. (BSI) reiterated its commitment to continuing to foster the development of the sharia financial ecosystem and halal lifestyle. This commitment was realized through the BSI International Expo 2024, Indonesia's first international sharia finance ecosystem and halal lifestyle exhibition held by BSI in the Company's 3-year series.

Bearing the theme “Connecting You to Halal Lifestyle Ecosystem”, BSI International Expo 2024 will be held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Hall A & B, Jakarta, for four days from Thursday-Sunday (20-23 June 2024). BSI International Expo 2024 is organized to introduce, promote and market halal and best products, services, services, and handicrafts of the nation's children to become more competitive and able to compete abroad.

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The exhibition will be attended by national micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and corporate partners. There are about 196 booths that are currently 100 percent filled. BSI also presents a number of foreign businesspeople, including from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Tajikistan, and Turkey. The Company also completed the BSI International Expo 2024 event series with a Dinner with Ambassador on Tuesday (14/5/2024).

“Not only exhibition and business matching, BSI International Expo 2024 also aims to increase literacy towards the halal industry. Through a series of halal industry seminars, industry experts, academics, and policy makers will discuss and provide insights, best practices, and strategy recommendations to promote sustainable growth of the halal market,” said BSI Corporate Secretary Vishnu Sunandar quoted from his press release, Tuesday (14/5/2024).

Vishnu said that BSI as Indonesia's largest sharia bank has aspirations to realize Indonesia as the center of gravity of global sharia. He hopes that the BSI International Expo 2024 will meet the needs of Indonesian people and the world for a large-scale exhibition on halal industry and lifestyle or halal lifestyle.

BSI said he predicted the halal lifestyle in Indonesia will grow rapidly year by year, as the world's Islamic economy grows. In the global Islamic economy, consumer spending grew 9.5 percent (year on year) to US$2.29 trillion in 2022.

In addition, Indonesia is the country with the second largest consumer spending on halal food in the world with estimated global Muslim spending in this sector to reach 1.89 trillion US Dollars by 2027.

SVP Marketing Communication BSI Kemas Erwan Husainy said that in line with the growth of the global halal market, Indonesia as one of the countries with the largest Muslim population in the world, which is about 240.62 million people, has a huge economic and financial potential of sharia. The potential of the halal industry in RI is estimated at IDR 1.95 trillion or the equivalent of 135 billion US dollars.

Not only that, the growth of Indonesia's sharia financial assets reached Rp2.45 trillion or the equivalent of 163 billion US dollars (as of June 2023) or grew 13.37 percent (yoy). This shows the good growth of the sharia finance industry in Indonesia.

Kemas confirmed that currently BSI focuses on the Islamic ecosystem which includes six main segments, namely the Hajj and Umrah ecosystem, boarding schools, Islamic schools, ZISWAF, mosques and the halal industry. Indonesia's Islamic ecosystem alone is supported by 438,280 institutions/institutions.

By December 2023, BSI's financing in the halal supply chain sector was nearly IDR 20 trillion, covering the subsectors of halal food and beverages, halal pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, as well as closed fashion.

“The great potential of the halal industry is behind the selection of the theme “Connecting Halal Lifestyle with You”. Through this event, we want to bring access and connect consumers to a variety of halal products and lifestyles. Not only that, we also want to connect halal brands/products with potential business partners and prepare and provide opportunities for SME products to enter the international market,” Kemas said.

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