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Gerindra Proposes Ahmad Dhani to Be Candidate of Surabaya Mayor

Gerindra has only 8 seats, less 2 seats to field candidates to join election.

Rep: Dadang Kurnia/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Gerindra Party politician and musician Ahmad Dhani.
Foto: ANTARA/Indrianto Eko Suwarso
Gerindra Party politician and musician Ahmad Dhani.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SURABAYA -- Chairman of Gerindra East Java (Jatim), Anwar Sadad gave a signal to represent his own cadre in the Mayoral Election (Pilwali) Surabaya 2024. Sadad said that his party has many capable cadres to go forward to compete in Pilwali Surabaya 2024.

“There are many. Gerindra is working on internal names that are ready to move forward in Surabaya,” Sadad confirmed in Surabaya City, East Java, on Tuesday (14/5/2024).

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Sadad explained that a number of potential cadres of Gerindra who are ready to participate in Pilwali Surabaya 2024, are musician Hmad Dhani. As for Dhani, he was a candidate for Gerindra Dapil Jatim I of Surabaya City and Sidoarjo Regency who was sure to pass to Senayan.

Then there is also the name of Kharisma Febriansyah, Hadi Dediansyah, until the Jatim parliamentary candidate with the largest vote in Surabaya, Cahyo Harjo. “There is Mas Dhani, there is Bang Kharisma that Gerindra prepared. There is also our young cadre Cahya Harjo,” Sadad said.

Nevertheless, Gerindra actually has only eight seats in the Surabaya City Council. Sadad also opened the possibility of establishing a new axis with other parties to qualify for at least 10 seats, in order to register candidates to the Commission.

“We have eight seats and are the second winning party in Surabaya. We will communicate with other parties for that opportunity (new axis),” Sadad said.

Among the parties with which it could potentially enter into a coalition is Golkar. Sadad also did not mind if later Golkar proposed cadres to be paired at Pilwali Surabaya 2024. Including the name of the Chairman of Projo Jatim, Bayu Airlangga, which was later announced to be carried by Golkar.

As for Bayu is the son of the former governor of Jatim, Soekarwo alias Pakde Karwo. “The possibilities of the coalition are very wide open, especially at the national level of Gerindra and Golkar together. Including the opportunity to carry Bayu Airlangga,” Sadad said.

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