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Ministry of Transportation Completes 25 National Strategic Projects of Transport Sector

The remaining 10 projects are under construction.

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Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi.
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Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said that the Ministry of Transportation has completed 25 National Strategic Projects (PSN) in the Transport Sector. This was conveyed by the Minister at the event of the National Working Meeting: Accelerated Completion and Pre-Evaluation of PSN, in Jakarta, Tuesday (14/5/2024).

“Kemenhub has completed 25 PSN Transport Sector. With the development of PSN infrastructure, it is expected to improve connectivity between regions, facilitate mobility and logistics services, and encourage the growth of new economic points in various regions,” Budi Karya said in a press release on Tuesday (14/5/2024).

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Of the total 35 PSN in the Transport Sector established by the Government of President Joko Widodo, 25 projects have been completed. The projects include construction of airport 7 projects, railway 7 projects, and port 11 projects.

The list includes seven airports namely Yogyakarta Kulon Progo Airport, Kediri Airport, Lombok Airport, Komodo Airport, Raja Haji Abdullah Tanjung Balai Karimun Airport, Nabire Baru Airport, and Siboru Fakfak Airport. Furthermore, 7 projects in the railway sector are KA Tebing Tinggi-Kuala Tanjung, KA Rantau Prapat-Kota Pinang, LRT Palembang, LRT Jabodebek, Kereta Kepat Jakarta-Bandung, Railway Station Yogyakarta, and KA Makassar-Parepare.

Later, 11 port construction projects, namely Kuala Tanjung Port, Kijing Terminal Port, Patimban Port, Sanur Port, KEK Maloy Port, Teluk Palu Port, Makassar New Port, Likupang Port, Bitung International Hub Port, Kupang Port, and Labuan Bajo Multipurpose Terminal.

The remaining 10 Transport Sector PSN projects are currently under completion, with 4 projects to be completed in 2024, including: 2 projects in the railway sector, namely KA Logistik Lahat-Kertapati and Double Track South Java, then 2 projects in the port sector, namely Benoa Port and Sorong Port.

The 6 projects to be completed above 2024, include 4 projects in the railway sector, namely Jakarta North-South MRT, Jakarta East-West MRT Phase I, Jakarta Velodrome-Manggarai LRT, and East Kalimantan Logistics Infrastructure, then 2 projects in the port sector, namely Muaro Jambi Crate Terminal Port and New Palembang Port.

Budi Karya exemplifies a number of PSN that have succeeded in facilitating the mobility of people in the country, one of which Yogyakarta International Airport is already equipped with airport trains.

“This is proof that what has existed abroad and is impossible to happen in our country, is happening. And our preparations to be a developed country we put there,” he added.

As for lowering logistics costs nationwide, Budi Karya continued, Kemenhub has also developed Makassar New Port. The port was built to support the connectivity of international trade routes while strengthening Makassar's role as a logistics gateway in the eastern region of Indonesia.

He also said that the current transportation infrastructure development is no longer Java centric, but Indonesia centric.

“What we are doing is uniting Indonesia. What we are building in Makassar in the form of ports and railways proves that we are not just concentrating on Java Island. In fact, we are also building an airport in Papua,” he explained.

Menhub added that the construction of transport infrastructure is now not free from cooperation of various parties. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance recalls the importance of creative financing to improve the construction of transport infrastructure in the country, given the limited budget that the government has.

“Basically, a lot of potential can be realized in the transportation sector. Therefore, we opened ourselves up and invited private parties to collaborate in the management of transport infrastructure, both in the air, sea and railway sectors. Accordingly, we are also trying to simplify the regulation,” he said.

In the future, Budi Karya hopes that there will be harmonization from various parties, starting from Ministries, Institutions, Local Governments, and Enterprises in formulating PSN activities.

“That way, the PSN infrastructure that has been built up can be optimally beneficial,” he said.

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