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RI Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Forbid Hajj Without Official Visa

Umrah worshipers who intend to make Hajj should return to their homeland immediately.

Rep: Karta Raharja Ucu/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
RI Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dr Abdul Aziz Ahmad
Foto: Republika/Syalabi
RI Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dr Abdul Aziz Ahmad

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MEDINA -- The practice of worshippers going to the Holy Land for Hajj but using non-Hajj visas is an issue, including Indonesian worshippers. Therefore, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Saudi Arabia, Dr Abdul Azis Ahmad, requested that Umrah worshippers who come to Saudi Arabia intending to go on Hajj to return to their homeland immediately.

The request was made by Abdul Azis considering that the laws in force in Saudi Arabia are very strict. He said there is no guarantee that worshippers who go on a non-Hajj visa will be able to enter Arafah.

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“If we find those worshippers, we try to remind them that there is a rule not to perform the Hajj without an official Hajj,” Abdul Azis said when he met in Medina, Saudi Arabia, Sunday (12/5/2024).

If worshippers still refuse to make the pilgrimage on a non-Hajj visa, Abdul Azis said to want the risk to be borne by himself. Because in Saudi Arabia the Indonesian forces are officers of Kosulat General RI in Jeddah.

However, Abdul Azis admitted that the phenomenon of illegal hajj is not a new phenomenon but has been happening for a long time. Abdul Azis received information from Saudi Arabia's Foreign Ministry that there are 100,000 Indonesians who are Umrah but have not returned home.

“So it means that if, for example, you find such a worshipper (Hajj using a non-Hajj visa), it is possible that one of them will be one of them. Therefore, we appeal to them that if it is indeed Umrah, they will return,” Abdul Azis said.

He said that if worshippers remain reluctant to go on Hajj without an official visa, there will be a great risk. One of them was deported and banned from Saudi Arabia for 5—10 years.

“The risk is borne by yourself, will be deported. I remind you that those who are deported usually it will take more than 5 years to 10 years to be able to return to Saudi Arabia,” he said.

The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said Abdul Azis was harsh about deportations. The sanctions received were huge.

If it is decided to be deported, the repatriation process is very long. Moreover, he said, in the Hajj season such as now, worshippers who come on a non-Hajj visa can be jailed for longer. “People should from now on get used to complying with the rules and as has been focused by the Hajj Minister of Saudi Arabia and the Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

For those who are umrah, Abdul Azis reminded to go home immediately before immigration closes. “It is best to go home and if, for example, it is an Umrah worshiper, as stated by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you should just follow any worshipper program that has been done. If indeed they come here in the capacity of guests of Allah SWT, it should be as usual guests of Allah SWT,” Abdul Azis said.

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