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Main Message from the Governor of East Java to Hajj Worshippers

Hajj worshipers are urged to pray that the government performs its duties properly.

Illustration of Hajj worshipers.
Foto: Republika/Prayogi
Illustration of Hajj worshipers.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Acting Governor of East Java Adhy Karyono dispatched 366 would-be Hajj worshippers who were part of the first flying group (kloter) to the Holy Land from Asrama Hajj Embarkasi Surabaya (AHES) on Saturday (11/5) evening.

“Happy worship to the worshipers, may the worship be smooth and mabrur,” he said in between welcoming the departure of the first kloter.

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The number one person in the ranks of the East Java Provincial Government of Jatim evacuated the pilgrims who joined the Hajj candidates in nine buses at about 23:30pm.

Scheduled, the group of worshippers from Bojonegoro Regency departed Sunday (12/5) at 5:20pm at Juanda Sidoarjo International Airport in Surabaya for Medina, Saudi Arabia.

On this occasion, Adhy Karyono sent a message to the worshippers not to forget to pray for the Indonesian people, especially the province of East Java, to always be safe, orderly and peaceful.

“Including the run-up to the local elections (local elections) in the entire district/city at the end of this year. May the democratic party run smoothly and according to common expectations,” he said.

In addition, he also reminded would-be pilgrims during their stay in the Holy Land to always listen to the instructions of the officers and maintain health conditions.

“There the weather is very hot, so sufficient endurance of the body condition is required. Again, don't impose anything, let alone in the absence of any coordination with the hajj officers there,” AKA said, Adhy Karyono's familiar greeting.

Meanwhile, during this year's Hajj season, three airports implemented fast track system services, namely at Juanda Airport Surabaya, Adi Soemarmo Solo and Soekarno-Hatta Tangerang.

The service is an award given by the Government of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, because sufficient administrative checks are carried out at embarkation, so that worshippers when disembarking in Medina or Jeddah can go directly to the accommodation.

In 2024, a total number of 39,228 Hajj pilgrims will depart via the Surabaya Embarkation, which are included in 106 klots. The pilgrims were sent to Saudi Arabia using Saudia Arabian Airlines with an Airbus 330 aircraft with a capacity of 371 people.

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