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Aceh Hajj Dormitory Prepares 140 Rooms for Each Hajj Kloter

Aceh will admit 4,709 pilgrims this year.

A number of Hajj candidates say goodbye to their families.
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A number of Hajj candidates say goodbye to their families.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDA ACEH -- Head of the Technical Implementing Unit (UPT) of the Aceh Hajj Embarkation Dormitory Ali Amran stated that he prepared 140 rooms to accommodate each group of pilgrims flying (kloter) of Aceh Hajj before being flown to the Holy Land for Hajj 1445 Hijriyah/2024 AD.

“We are ready to welcome Aceh pilgrims who will enter the Hajj dormitory on May 28. We have completed various preparations,” Ali Amran said in Banda Aceh on Tuesday (7/5/2024).

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He explained that Aceh received 4,709 pilgrims this year. At present, the Hajj boarding party has completed various preparations including a one-stop service and a friendly service for elderly worshippers (elderly).

Worshippers from the Tanah Rencong area will stay overnight at the Hajj hostel first before departing for Tanah Suci via Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport (SIM) Aceh Besar.

“There are many things that we have arranged, such as the arrival hall, the departure hall, the dining room and also the inn, as well as the mosque and the courtyard. God willing, we are now ready to welcome the arrival of the pilgrims of the Aceh Hajj candidates,” he said.

It has prepared 140 rooms to accommodate pilgrims each kloter, of which 110 rooms are spread in the Muzdalifah Building and Misfalah Building, as well as 30 room units in Building A1.

“The rooms that will be filled by potential worshippers are also ready, our team of technicians always monitor and repair if there are leaking rooms, air conditioning is not working, toilets are stagnant, and others, this is always our concern from the beginning,” he said.

In addition, Ali Amran said, the service of elderly worshippers is still a priority for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this year, so he has provided golf cars to pick up and deliver worshippers to lodgings during the Hajj hostel. He placed the elderly in rooms that were on the first floor of each inn building.

“Our elderly worshipers, God willing, do not walk to their rooms, we deliver them in golf carts. We also train our officers in serving the elderly,” he said.

During embarkation, worshippers will undergo medical examinations, final manasik guidance, and other document checks. For this year, worshippers will be given passports and other documents before entering the rooms.

Plt Kasubbag Administration of Haji Aceh Irsyadi Dormitory said it was also carrying out the process of standardization of three-star hotels, ISO 9001 on services, and ISO 45001 on SMK3 or work safety. The process was targeted to be completed before worshippers entered the dormitory.

It is committed to providing the best service to worshippers, including setting up a one stop service to make it easier for worshippers.

“Our commitment is for the best service to worshippers, we continue to coordinate with Mr. Kakanwil of the Ministry of Commerce of Aceh and its ranks and related elements. The monitoring team from Irjen has also done its job in order to prepare the Hajj dormitory,” he said.

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