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Police Strategy to Anticipate Accident in Dieng

Dieng is a tourist destination for many people from different regions.

Morning fog still envelops the area of Dieng, Banjarengah, Central Java.
Foto: Republika/Wihdan Hidayat
Morning fog still envelops the area of Dieng, Banjarengah, Central Java.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, WONOSOBO -- The Police Resor (Police) of Wonosobo, Central Java, has prepared measures to anticipate traffic jams on the Dieng tourist strip during the Lebaran holiday.

Wonosobo police station spokesman Iptu Edi Nugroho in Wonosobo on Friday, said one of the efforts was to provide tow trucks and various tires at some points prone to jams.

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He said that this was done because the Dieng track is famous for its steep climbs, so often cars are not strong uphill.

“These tow trucks and tires are expected to help vehicles that break down or have difficulties while uphill, and later this assistance equipment will be alerted at the observation substation,” he said.

The location of the viewing substation, he said, was a famous track with a 15 percent incline. The inclines are relatively not high, but long and tend to meander, so often tourists' cars break down on the incline.

“Experience from previous years, many vehicles are not strong uphill when passing 15 percent inclines, generally tourists do not understand the terrain and lack preparation, do not use low gears so often break down,” he said.

In addition, the Wonosobo Police Station Satlantas also alerted joint personnel from Satlantas and Kejajar Police to solve the congestion. Such personnel will be stationed at several strategic points, such as at road junctions and inclines.

Based on the monitoring of security personnel located along the route to Dieng, from Friday (12/4) there has been an increase in traffic flow. Local tourists as well as from outside the region, have begun to come to tour the Dieng area.

“Therefore, starting today, we are alerting personnel and relief equipment in anticipation of a non-strong strike car uphill,” he said.

He urged tourists who want to visit Dieng to always ensure vehicles are in good condition, use low gear and turn off the air conditioning when going uphill, do not carry excess loads and always comply with traffic regulations.

In order to provide a sense of security and comfort, Wonosobo Police Station has also alerted personnel at the Security Post located in the Dieng terminal.

In addition to security, the personnel on duty also actively carry out foot patrols and two-wheeled patrols at tourist sites.

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