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Fast Train Whosh Passengers on Lebaran Day Increased by 30 Percent

On Lebaran Day KCIC carried 26 thousand passengers.

Rep: Febrian Fachri / Red: Erdy Nasrul
Density of potential Caret Fast or Woosh passengers in Stasun Kereta <p>Cepid Padalarang, Bandung district, West Java
Foto: Edi Yusuf/Republika
Density of potential Caret Fast or Woosh passengers in Stasun Kereta

Cepid Padalarang, Bandung district, West Java

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Fast Whoosh passengers have increased on Lebaran days especially departures from Halim Station towards Padalarang and Tegalalur stations. Corporate Secretary of PT KCIC, Eva Chairunisa said, KCIC already anticipates this increase by adding 12 trips per day until April 18, 2024.

“The improvement is very noticeable since Wednesday (10/4) Noon and Thursday (11/4). After performing Ied prayers, it was seen that many passengers immediately used Whoosh to meet family or travel and vacation to Bandung City and vice versa,” Eva said, through a press release issued by Republika, Friday (12/4/2024).

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Based on the observation on the favorite hours and routes that are Halim Departure today Thursday April 11, 2024, Eva says departures from 07.55, 08.20, until 12.00 are constantly crowded with passengers. Occupancy at the favorite hour reaches 80 to 95 percent. The April 12 sale, he said, had also shown a significant increase, with the favourite hour showing 85 per cent.

“On the day of the release, KCIC transported as many as 26 thousand passengers. This number is up about 30 percent when compared to the normal period before the transport of leafhoppers,” Eva said.

Eva predicts that the volume of passengers will continue to grow because sales are still taking place online and offline. This is evident from the meetings that continue to occur at counters and ticket purchasing machines for reservations and go show purchases.

Eva added with 52 trips per day, passengers get plenty of Whoosh travel alternatives that they can choose according to their needs. Where the distance between schedules or the Whoosh headway in peak hours reaches 25 to 30 minutes thus giving passengers great flexibility.

“KCIC also appeals to passengers to comply with the conditions regarding their luggage in order to ensure the comfort of all passengers. Each passenger can carry only 3 items of luggage with maximum dimensions of 100cm x 30cm x 40cm with a maximum total weight of 20kg. As for the 3 items, it can be 2 suitcases or boxes and 1 backpack over a handbag,” Eva said.

He reminded that passengers are also prohibited from carrying animals, narcotics, firearms and sharps, flammable goods, sharp-smelling items, and items that officers and regulations are not allowed.

Passengers are expected to time travel to Whoosh Station to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

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