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High Divorce Rate Threatens Family Resilience

If there are many divorces, family security decreases.

Family (illustration).
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Family (illustration).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Head of the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) Dr Hasto Wardoyo highlighted the high divorce rate in Indonesia, which can threaten family resilience.

“If the broken home is high, the resilience of the family is automatically weak, because the family development index is one of tranquility. If the divorce is high, the calm will go down,” Hasto said in Jakarta, some time ago.

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He also worries about the growing divorce data since 2020. “Today there are many good families, but also many less good ones, because divorces in 2020 and above, the number is more than 500 thousand cases per year,” he said.

Hasto explained that there are three indicators in family resilience: calm, independence, and happiness. If divorce increases, then the first indicator is that security can be threatened.

“If there are a lot of divorces, the military goes down, so the family development index can go down if there are a lot of divorces. While the impact on one's own family, broken home is that if the parents divorce, the child will not be well taken care of, parenting is not good. While one of the causes of stunting is because the child is not happy, the food is also not good,” he said.

Earlier, Hasto also mentioned that domestic conflicts must be resolved by feelings, not just by logic. Resolving family conflicts only by logic is heavy.

“The result must have been chaotic. Solve family problems also with feelings,” he said.

This obstetrician also affirms that before parents discuss about the child or educate the child, it is important to communicate feelings to each other. Therefore, before touching on the problems of the child, the parents also need to learn to convey communication with each other. As the head of the household, the husband should be more mature, able to restrain emotions, and the wife should also be able to express himself.

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