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Gus Dur and Soeharto Forgive Each Other on Lebaran Day

Gus Dur says the only one who deserves to be his enemy is Soeharto.

Gus Dur-Soeharto forgave each other on Hari Raya Lebaran.
Gus Dur-Soeharto forgave each other on Hari Raya Lebaran.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG -- The hot and cold relationship between Gus Dur and Soeharto apparently did not prevent the two from forgiving each other on Eid al-Fitr. Although they often opposed each other when Soeharto became president, Gus Dur actually still visited Cendana to forgive each other on Lebaran Day.

Lebaran does become the momentum of forgiving each other and letting go of grudges. We can exemplify two attitudes of Gus Dur who forgave Soeharto who limited his movement in activities.

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The story was delivered by Gus Dur in one show. Gus Dur said Mr. Harto was the only person who deserved to be his enemy in Indonesia.

“The only person who deserves to be my enemy in this country is Mr. Harto. I also still visit there in Lebaran. That is, yes I have no enemies,” Gus Dur once said.

The two presidents of the Republic of Indonesia often quarreled and several times engaged in confrontations during the New Order. The two also clashed politically, where Gus Dur often criticized the Soeharto government and gained a lot of pressure in the Orba era.

It is not surprising that Gus Dur was one of the people who removed Mr. Harto from the presidency in 1998. While still in power, Mr. Harto on several occasions Muktamar NU always intervened to get rid of Gus Dur who was considered a threat to the regime.

Unfortunately, Mr. Harto's efforts failed because Gus Dur remained the general chairman of PBNU for several periods and remained an influential person in PBNU. Despite their often conflicting backgrounds, Gus Dur and Pak Harto still bond and forgive each other.

One of Soeharto's outrages was when he was called stupid by Gus Dur...

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