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Motor Riders Dominate Total Traveler on the Puncak Line

Bogor Police has prepared traffic regulations.

The density of vehicles on the Puncak lane, Cisarua, Bogor Regency, West Java (illustration).
Foto: ANTARA/Yulius Satria Wijaya
The density of vehicles on the Puncak lane, Cisarua, Bogor Regency, West Java (illustration).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BOGOR REGENCY -- Two-wheeled drivers dominate the Lebaran homecoming stream on the Puncak Line of Bogor Regency, West Java. The Bogor Police Traffic Unit recorded the number of vehicles passing on the Puncak Line of Bogor Regency during the period from Thursday (4/4/2024) to Sunday (7/4/2024) as 168,471 vehicles.

“The passing vehicles are dominated by two-wheeled vehicles,” said Bogor Police AKP's Kasatlantas Rizky Guntama when contacted by Antara News Agency in Bogor Regency, West Java.

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Bogor Police Station predicted the peak of the homecoming flow passing through the Bogor Regency Puncak Line on Sunday.

Bogor Police Station itself has prepared traffic arrangements including preparing personnel, preparing means and supporting infrastructure.

Then it will perform traffic engineering in the form of even odd-numbered vehicle limiters, perform one way traffic engineering on the peak lane, and will perform counter-flow traffic engineering from Ciawi toll exit to KM 45 based on situational conditions in the field.

Transport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said that as many as 28.4 million people were projected to leave the Jabodetabek area.

Of this figure, 14.6 percent or 28.4 million people of Jabodetabek will travel in the 2024 Lebaran homecoming period.

This indicates that there is a tendency to increase the interest of the public to make the Lebaran homecoming trip in 2024 and in 2023 by 45.8 percent or 123 million people.

As a step in anticipation of the surge in immigrants, Budi Karya Sumadi said that it has collaborated with relevant ministries/agencies in preparing from the operational side, regulation in controlling traffic regulation of transport modes.

sumber : Antara

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