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Nahdlatul Ulama Has Important Role in Maintaining the Unity of NKRI

Nahdlatul Ulama was engaged in welfare fields

Pj Governor of West Java (Jabar) Bey Machmudin contacts with Regional Administrator Nahdlatul Ulama (PWNU)
Foto: Dok Humas Pemprov Jabar
Pj Governor of West Java (Jabar) Bey Machmudin contacts with Regional Administrator Nahdlatul Ulama (PWNU)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG ---Acting (PJ. The Governor of West Java (Jabar) Bey Machmudin met with the Regional Administrator Nahdlatul Ulama (PWNU), Branch Manager, Institutions and Autonomous Bodies (Banom) of NU Se-Java at Jami' PWNU Jabar Mosque, Bandung City, Sunday (31/3/2024).

Bey expressed his gratitude for being able to be present among the scholars. He hopes this meeting brings good and blessing. “I am very happy today to be together with the scholars. May it be good for all of us,” Bey said.

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Bey also welcomed and appreciated the series of activities at NU, including in order to strengthen Ukhuwah Islamiyah. According to him, NU is one of the Islamic organizations in Indonesia, which has an important role in maintaining the unity of NKRI.

“NU is already engaged in education, health, social. It is very worthy of appreciation for his contribution in development,” he said.

NU itself, organizes various series of activities, namely with joint iftar, commemoration of Nuzul Quran, Haul Muassis and Shuhada Badar, as well as providing relief to orphans and duafa.

Chairman Tanfidziyah PWNU Jabar KH Juhadi Muhammad thanked him for the well-established ties with the Government of Jabar Province. He also appreciated the Managers of Branches, Institutions and Banom of NU who have carried out each activity well in their respective work areas.

“Hopefully what all NU Branch Administrators are doing will bring progress to the development of Jamiah Nahdlatul Ulama in West Java Province,” said KH Juhadi Muhammad.

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