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Pangdam Jaya Ensures No Victim in Bullet Warehouse Explosion

Ammunition Warehouse No. 6 contains expired munitions.

Rep: Wisnu Aji Prasetiyo/Ronggo Astungkoro/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
The commander of Kodam Jaya, Maj. Gen. M Hasan, held a press conference at the blast site of the Bekasi bullet warehouse.
Foto: Republika/Wisnu Aji Prasetiyo
The commander of Kodam Jaya, Maj. Gen. M Hasan, held a press conference at the blast site of the Bekasi bullet warehouse.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The commander of Kodam Jaya, Mayjen M Hasan, revealed that there were no casualties from the fire incident at the Regional Munitions Warehouse (Gudrumah) Appliance Kodam (Paldam) Jaya, either the community or the authorities. Nevertheless, it has asked the relevant territorial authorities to secure if any projectiles, ammunition, and materials come from the site.

“We have checked all the locations on our perimeter one kilometer ahead towards the settlement, there are no casualties. That we affirmed. There are no casualties,” Hasan said during a press conference around the site, Bogor Regency, on Saturday (30/3/2024).

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The devastating explosion occurred in the regional munition warehouse (Gudrumah) or military bullet warehouse belonging to Kodam Jaya in Ciangsana, Bogor Regency, West Java, on Saturday (30/3/2024). Hasan explained that initially at 18.05 pm, indications of smoke were found in Gudmurab Number 6 Gudmurab Poldam Jaya.

From there it is indicated that there will be an explosion. Members who knew about it, were relieved to tell the picket officers to then inform the surrounding community that there would be an explosion.

“And, indeed, there was finally an explosion in warehouse number 6,” he said.

Hasan explained that the ammunition warehouse number 6 contains expired munitions and is the return of various units served by Kodam Jaya throughout the Jakarta area. The number of munitions there ranged from 160 thousand types of munitions and explosives.

“But we can make sure that the warehousing system in Kodam Jaya, in this warehouse is already very secure,” Hasan said.

According to Hasan, the storage system at the site is already very secure because it is located in a bunker and on top of it are embankments that can secure in case of an explosion to the side. But, he said, the sleeve does allow it to spread vertically until it reaches several places.

“We have appealed to citizens in the vicinity of Ciangsana, 1-2 kilometers to the populated areas to check if there are any things that may be affected by this explosion,” he explained.

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