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44 School Buildings in Temanggung Central Java Suffered Damage

The Mayor of Temanggung directly checked the damage at SDN 1 Jampiroso.

Rep: Antara/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
(ILLUSTRATION) The school classrooms were damaged.
Foto: ANTARA FOTO/Wahdi Septiawan
(ILLUSTRATION) The school classrooms were damaged.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TEMANGGUNG — The Government of Temanggung Regency (Pemkab), Central Java, claims that it will prioritize the repair of a number of damaged primary school buildings in 2025. Currently, it is reported that there are 44 elementary buildings in Temanggung that are damaged.

One of them is SD Negeri (SDN) 1 Jampiroso. Acting (Pj) Temanggung Regent Hary Agung Prabowo reviewed directly the condition of SDN 1 Jampiroso. “Today I checked where there are uninhabitable classrooms,” Hary said on Tuesday (26/3/2024).

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The classroom suffered damage to parts of the ceiling and roof. Of the six classrooms at the school, there were reportedly two whose ceilings were broken. Those two classes are called inoperable. Hary said improvements to classrooms would be a priority by 2025.

“In this lapse of time I asked the principal for a roughly worrisome class while not being filled first,” Hary said.

Secretary of the Department of Youth Education and Sports (Dindicpora) of Temanggung Regency Fahmi Hidayat said that the roof condition of some classrooms in SDN 1 Jampiroso is of concern and could be dangerous. “Then we prioritize the construction of the roof, total,” he said.

According to Fahmi, for that improvement the plan was submitted through the Special Allocation Fund (DAK). From DAK, usually for the repair of the roof of classrooms it takes about Rp 130 million. “The DAK program is not only classes, but also laboratories, then UKS, toilets, and so on. Usually if the package is Rp 1.8 billion,” Fahmi said.

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