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Hundreds of Students in Kuningan Tarhib March Welcome Ramadan

The march started from the Setda courtyard of Kuningan Regency towards the Islamic Syiarul Mosque

Rep: Lilis Sri Handayani/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Illustration of the Tarhib Ramadan
Foto: ANTARA FOTO/Syifa Yulinnas
Illustration of the Tarhib Ramadan

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KUNINGAN -- Welcoming the holy month of Ramadan 1445 H, at least 500 students and students in the district held a Tarhib March. Muslims in the area are also invited to celebrate and celebrate Ramadan by increasing worship.

Participants of the march, which was released by Acting Regent of Kuningan, Raden Iip Hidajat, traveled from Setda courtyard of Kuningan Regency to Syiarul Islam Mosque, Sunday (10/3/2024).

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In the presence of the participants of the march, Iip invited the people to welcome the month of Ramadan with full happiness. This is because Ramadan is a month full of blessings and becomes a momentum for strengthening faith.

“In this month of Ramadan, it is appropriate for us to increase the worship and praise the presence of Allah SWT in order to strengthen faith,” Iip said.

Iip said that he is proud of the DPD of the Youth Communication Agency of Masjid Indonesia (BKPRMI) of Kuningan Regency, which has organized the Ramadan tarhib march and the Soleh Child Contest (Koas). It became a real proof that all could participate to maintain the religious Kuningan Regency.

“I feel proud, everyone can participate. This march has become an Islamic event,” Iip said.

The same thing was also disclosed by the Chairman of DPD BKPRMI Kuningan, Insan Nulyaman. He also felt proud that the tarhib march welcoming Ramadan this year was attended by the officials of Kuningan Regency, especially the Mayor of Kuningan Regent.

“I thank the Government of Kuningan Regency who always supports regular activities every year. We as a generation of teenagers will be consistent and able to maintain the religious Kuningan Regency,” Insan said.

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