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Difference in the Beginning of Ramadan, MUI: It's Common

Muhammadiyah has set the beginning of Ramadan on Monday (11/3/2024).

Rep: Muhyiddin/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Muslims break their fast during Ramadan Festival in Banda Aceh, Thursday (13/4/2023).
Muslims break their fast during Ramadan Festival in Banda Aceh, Thursday (13/4/2023).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Ramadan 1445 H/2024 is just counting days. However, at the beginning of Ramadan this time it is expected that there will be a difference between Muhammadiyah's determination and that of the government.

The leadership of the Muhammadiyah Center has established first through the method of hisab khiki wuhilal that the beginning of Ramadan fasting this year falls on the next Monday (11/3/2024).

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Meanwhile, the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Religious Affairs will still establish the beginning of Ramadan 1445 AH through an isbat session that will be held on Sunday (10/3/2024).

Given the potential for differences in the determination of the beginning of Ramadan this year, the Secretary General of the Indonesian Ulema Assembly (MUI) of the Buya Amirsyah Tambangan Center appealed to Muslims to remain respectful of the differences.

“If there is a difference, then all parties must respect each other, respect that difference. Because, each one has an argument that they believe can be held accountable for that difference,” said Buya Amirsyah when he met during the event “Ramadan Tarhib, Djikir and Prayer for the Salvation of the Nation” at Jakarta's Istiqlal Mosque on Friday (1/3/2024).

The same was also conveyed by the Chairman of MUI for Dakwah and Ukhuwah KH Cholil Nafis. According to Kiai Cholil, various Islamic ormas, such as Muhammadiyah, NU, Peruatan Islam (Persis) and others, are also attended during the Tarhib Ramadan event.

“On this occasion, we want that if there is a difference in rukyat and hisabha, we can tolerate it. We are promoting unity, it is the problem of khilafiyyah not the fundamental problem of aqidah in Islam. So we can tolerate,” Kiai Cholil said.

However, Kiai Cholil still hopes to bring together the existing methods of establishing the beginning of Ramadan, so that in the future there will be no difference in the beginning of Ramadan.

“Gratefully, we will be able to find the same method so that we are more comfortable if we start Ramadan together and end it together,” said this caregiver Ponpes Cendikia Amanah Depok.

Kiai Cholil also hopes that the Ramadan Tarhib activities attended by the kiai and scholars can also be a momentum to build unity after passing the General Election (2024 elections).

“There may be a difference of opinion, the political party. It may vary about the political choices but we are still one Indonesia,” explained Kiai Cholil.

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