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BSI Optimistic to Increase Customers to 3 Million Per Year

BSI focuses on encouraging products to be better known to the public.

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Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI).
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Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) aims to increase the number of customers by 2 million to 3 million per year. This is optimistic given that the current addition of the number of new BSI customers is about 200 thousand to 240 thousand every month.

“Therefore, we are optimistic every year of customer growth target of two million to three million,” said BSI Sales & Distribution Director Anton Sukarna on Wednesday (28/2/2024).

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By the end of December 2023, the number of customer based BSI reached 19.65 million with an annual growth of 10.53 percent (yoy). This achievement was achieved with various strategic measures that drive customer based improvement, namely expansion of Sharia literacy, optimization of branding and strengthening of potential sectors that drive BSI's business. Such as halal ecosystem (Hajj and Umrah, Ziswaf, boarding schools, education, health, cosmetics and others), retail segment and also gold business.

“But there is another thing that we consider related to sharia is its relation to ability at the service level. Not just the product, but the service as well. In my opinion, this is a very large space for us to develop. So we at Bank Sharia Indonesia, feel optimistic about the development and room for improvement that is still incredibly far-reaching,” Anton said.

Anton added that the growth of BSI's customers is not isolated from the development of more varied service products. Currently, BSI focuses on encouraging existing products to be better known to the public, one of which enters the sharia capital market through the opening of an RDN (Customer Fund Account).

In addition, recently the company is encouraging waqf instruments to be easily accessible through BSI Deposito Waqf, which is currently cooperating with Nazhir one of the campuses. The goal is to penetrate the market with deposit products, but for the result it will be sustainable to optimize education in Indonesia, especially for outstanding students who cannot afford it.

“Of course, this is the added value of BSI, which focuses not only on financial solutions, but also social and spiritual. With this, we are increasingly optimistic that in the future sharia banks will be able to enter into all segments of society in a comprehensive manner. This means that one person will probably later have more than 2-3 sharia products that can be used in his activities,” Anton said.

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