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BWA Sends 20 Thousands Alquran to North Sumatra

BWA also distributed 2,400 Iqra books also distributed in Sumut.

Welcoming Ramadan 1445 Hijri, Quran Waqf Agency (BWA) sent 20,000 Qurans and 2,400 Iqra books to be distributed in Sumut Province area
Foto: Dok BWA
Welcoming Ramadan 1445 Hijri, Quran Waqf Agency (BWA) sent 20,000 Qurans and 2,400 Iqra books to be distributed in Sumut Province area

REPUBLICA.CO.ID, JAKARTA --Alhamdulillah welcomes Ramadan 1445 Hijri, Al-Qur'an Waqf Agency (BWA) sends 20,000 Qur'ans to North Sumatra Province. This is the delivery of phase 1 in the WAP (Waqf Qur'an and Peminaan) North Sumatra project initiated by BWA since 2023.

It is planned that this Qur'an will be distributed by BWA to Muslim brothers located in four districts in North Sumatra, namely Deli Serdang, Karo, Labuhan Batu, and finally Batu Bara.

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Support was also provided by various elements of the community including the Chairman of MUI Labuhan Batu, namely Dr. H. Abdul Hamid.

Met at his residence he told BWA, “I as chairman of MUI Labuhan Batu express thousands of thanks to BWA for distributing the Qur'an to the people of North Sumatra especially to the people of Labuhan Batu.“

“Especially welcoming this holy month of Ramadan, hopefully this Qur'an can be used to add to our practice. Hopefully BWA is progressing further and getting blessings from Allah SWT,” he continued in a release received by on Tuesday (27/2/2024).

Besides, the activities of distributing the Qur'an are also accompanied by training in the manufacture of liquid organic fertilizer (POC) to the community or farmers in 2 districts/cities. Namely Padang Sidempuan and also Deli Serdang.

H. Hazairin Hasan as Chief of Networking (COO) of BWA said, “This activity of distributing the Qur'an and fertilizer training is a form of concern for BWA and its representatives to the problems facing the community, especially the people in North Sumatra.“

He added: “With the distribution of the Qur'an, people who had difficulty having the Qur'an can have the Qur'an. Even with this fertilizer training, it is hoped that farmers will be able to meet their fertilizer needs independently.“

In addition to the Qur'an, BWA also carries 2,400 Iqra books that will also be distributed in North Sumatra. “Hopefully with the presence of BWA to North Sumatra to distribute the Qur'an and Iqra this can bring happiness to the Muslim brothers there,” Hazairin said.

He also stated, “Not forgetting that BWA would like to express thousands of thanks to Namirah Logistic, Humala Logistic, as well as the representatives who have donated part of their property so that this activity of distributing 20,000 Qur'ans for North Sumatra Province can be carried out, hopefully getting the reward of the practice of jariyah from Allah SWT.“

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