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Three Strategies to End Extreme Poverty This Year

Vice President Maruf Amin explained the commitment to solve poverty problem.

Vice President of RI, Maruf Amin
Foto: Setwapres RI
Vice President of RI, Maruf Amin

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Vice President (Vice President) Maruf Amin presented three government strategies to reduce poverty to 7.5 percent and extreme poverty to zero percent in 2024.

“First, so that the ministries/agencies and local governments continue to improve the targets to reach poor families who have not received social assistance or social security programs,” said Vice President Maruf.

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The efforts to improve the target population data, Maruf said, referred to the Data on the Acceleration of Extreme Poverty Elimination (P3KE) and the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS), which are constantly being combined.

The second, the Minister said, continued to intervene specifically for programs of social assistance, social security, and economic empowerment. Especially in areas of poverty pockets and areas with high poverty rates such as in Papua, West Papua and East Nusa Tenggara, as well as areas with high poor populations such as Central Java, West Java, and East Java.

“Then the third, the channeling of additional programs in addition to regular programs like rice relief and the El Nino BLT that can be a specific effort to accelerate poverty reduction,” he said.

In addition to these three strategies, the Vice President also directs relevant ministries/agencies and local governments to ensure the accuracy of the number and timing of program delivery, and to put vulnerable groups forward. Such as single elderly, people with disabilities, migrant workers, and women heads of families.

“For this reason, the ministries/agencies and the local government also further tightened inter-agency coordination to ensure the complementarity of the program. It also ensures that there is an affirmation scheme to promote groups of women and youth who have not entered the labour market to access employment,” the Minister said.

The Vice President also stressed that the distribution of social assistance can be realized immediately before the end of February 2024. This was to ensure the impact of bansos distribution was monitored in the Social Economic Survey (SUSENAS) carried out by the Central Statistical Agency in March 2024.

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