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Hundreds of Santri in Bandung Participate in Clean and Healthy Living Training

Ministry hopes training for Santri Berseri as a pilot project

Illustration of santri activity.
Foto: Dok Republika
Illustration of santri activity.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Bandung---Public awareness for clean living should be increased. Because, according to BPS data, in Bandung City, only 46.9 percent have the habit of washing hands with soap (CTPS) of the total population. Thus, this CTPS custom should be further improved in Bandung City.

In order to improve Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS) among santri and santriwati, the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia together with Lifebuoy brand organized the program “Pesantren Sehat Lifebuoy”. Namely, it involved 500 santri and centriwati at Pondok Pesantren Mathla'ul Huda Bandung, West Java (Jabar) on Monday (19/2/2024).

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The activity, filled with health education and training to score Santri Ambassador. Kabid Pendidikan Diniyah Pondok Pesantren Kanwil Department of West Java Religion, Drs H Ahmad Fatoni, MM hopes that this cooperation will be able to make santri always love hygiene and health. As well, always look out for things that will harm yourself.

“For that reason, thank you for the presence of Unilever Indonesia to strengthen the boarding house through the path of health of the body, teeth, and mouth, and the habit of creating new nuances,” Ahmad said on Wednesday (2/21/2024).

In addition, he said, the Ministry hopes that training for Santri Berseri as a pilot project at PP Mathla'ul Huda, will make santri people healthier, stronger to perform various activities. “If they are healthy, and strong, students can demand better knowledge, and fill their free time with useful things,” Ahmad Fatoni said.

PP leader Mathla'ul Huda Bandung, KH Miftahul Khoer, SPD said, training to make santri radiant, healthy and confident. That is, students are encouraged not only to increase their knowledge, but also to improve their physique, health and well-being. So, there are strengths, abilities from the field of science, as well as his physique, strong, and healthy.

“There are recommendations in Islam that bathing habits will keep the body healthier and awake from germs, including diligent hand washing with soap,” he said.

One of the main steps of Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS) that is important to implement in boarding schools is the Soap Hand Wash (CTPS) movement in 5 key moments. Namely the time before eating, after from the toilet, after playing, after coughing or sneezing, and after traveling. If used, CTPS in 5 key moments will be able to protect centries/centripators from various spread of diseases.

Even according to the Swiss Cheese Model for Infectious Disease theory, this habit becomes the first step to protect oneself from the threat of infectious diseases, after the vaccine.

Separately, Head of Skin Cleansing Unilever Indonesia, Erfan Hidayat explained Lifebuoy's role to raise awareness of the importance of health in the Pesantren area. One of them is to score Duta Santri as a peer educator of a peer-to-peer learning program.

“Since 2019, Lifebuoy's Healthy Pesantren program has reached more than 2,000 boarding schools and provided benefits to more than 900,000 centries/centriwati in Indonesia,” he said.

This year, he said, the Lifebuoy Healthy Pesantren program is present in Jakarta with the aim of making a wider impact through a number of activities ranging from peer-to-peer learning, training for trainers (to santri, ustadz, and ustadzah), CTPS education properly and correctly, to health examinations. “We hope that with the collaboration carried out in Pesantren in various cities in Indonesia we can reach the addition of 1 million centries/centriwati in more than 1,500 boarding schools,” Erfan said.

In addition to peer-to-peer learning, he said, it provides assistance to boarding schools in the form of educational funds, educational support tools, and health checks at no cost. With the implementation of Lifebuoy Healthy Pesantren program in Bandung City, it hopes to generate change agents that are able to create a healthier boarding environment and society.

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