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Adam Malik Hospital Raids Over 20 Children With Cancer

20 children undergoing treatment for cancer.

Cancer experienced by a child (illustration).
Cancer experienced by a child (illustration).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MEDAN - - Haji Adam Malik Central General Hospital, Medan, North Sumatra treated more than 20 children undergoing treatment for cancer.

“This hospital continues to be committed to providing full service and supporting everything in cancer services, including cancer in children,” said Medical and Nursing Director Dr. Otman Siregar SpOt (K) in Medan on Friday.

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Otman continued, as maximum service, it has made events such as gift giving, appearances from child cancer survivors who have successfully conquered the disease, flower sharing for doctors and others in the event"International Children's Cancer Day” at the Central Medical Unit (CMU) Building of RSUP Haji Adam Malik.

“Hopefully with this event, it is hoped that it will be at least heartwarming to our hearts that many cancer patients are in dire need of attention, both in mortal and material terms,” he said.

Head of Disease Prevention and Control of Sumut Provincial Health Department Rohdearni Saragih expressed appreciation for this activity.

She hopes that this activity can cheer up and slightly ease the burden of cancer patients in this hospital who are struggling with the diseases they have been suffering from all these years.

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, more than 1,000 children globally are diagnosed with cancer every day. But recent advances in medical technology have given cancer patients a very high chance of survival.

“The role of doctors and other health professionals, to parents and families, is no less important part of encouraging them to continue to fight cancer,” Rohdearni said.

Founder of Medan Children's Oncology Foundation (YOAM) Halimah Hutagalung added that this hospital is very attentive and has provided a lot of help for us in accompanying.

“Thank you for facilitating and supporting activities to entertain the children of these cancer patients,” he said.

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