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Cianjur Mayor Asks State Employee Involved in Money Politics to be Punished

Cianjur mayor warns all state employee not to involve in money politic.

Cianjur Mayor Herman Suherman
Foto: Tangkapan layar instagram Herman Suherman
Cianjur Mayor Herman Suherman

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, CIANJUR -- Regent Cianjur Herman Suherman asked the General Election Supervisory Board to investigate all cases of violations of electoral crimes committed by the civil apparatus of the state that were caught in a sleight of hand operation for allegedly conducting political money.

“I am concerned that there is still an ASN in Cianjur District that violated and netted a hand capture operation (OTT) for alleged criminal offences of political election money,” the regent said when contacted in Cianjur on Tuesday (13/2/2024).

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In order to strengthen the ban in accordance with the election rules regarding the neutrality of ASN, Regent Herman has issued a circular and always reminds all ASN in Cianjur Regency to comply with these rules.

Herman fully handed over the case of alleged money politics involving employees in the neighborhood of Karangengah District Office under the initials OS to Bawaslu Cianjur.

“We leave it to Bawaslu Cianjur, what will be the result. However, I stressed that the ASN in the Cianjur Regency environment should be neutral and not involved in practical politics,” he said.

Earlier, an ASN in the neighborhood of Cianjur Regency Government with the initials OS netted a hand arrest operation for alleged electoral crime in the form of money politics during the quiet period of the 2024 elections.

The employee who served in Karangengah District Office was arrested at his home with evidence of an envelope containing money and a sample ballot to win a candidate for legislative member (candidate) of Cianjur Regency Parliament.

After being arrested, the perpetrator was immediately taken to Mapolres Cianjur, then handed over to Bawaslu Cianjur to undergo further examination. Until now, the employee with the initials OS was still undergoing examination at Bawaslu Cianjur, before his case was transferred to the Unified Law Enforcement Center (GakKumdu) of Cianjur.

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