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Erick Thohir: GovTech Launched Late February 2024

This technology-based government system is able to reduce poverty rates.

Erick Thohir
Foto: Republika/Iit Septyaningsih
Erick Thohir

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Minister of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir said GovTech Indonesia or INA Digital will be launched at the end of February 2024.

“By the end of this month hopefully if nothing can be launched,” Erick said in Jakarta on Monday (12/2/2024).

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Erick said that systems such as GovTech have been implemented in some Asian countries, such as China and India. He said the technology-based system of government was able to reduce poverty to below 1 percent.

“We have comparative studies with countries that have already succeeded, such as China noting that it can reduce poverty to below 1 percent, then accelerating development in India from the target of 40 years, can be achieved in 10 years,” Erick said.

INA Digital is a form of support to the mandate of Perpres Number 82/2023 on Acceleration of Digital Transformation and Integration of National Digital Services in the framework of the development of quality technologies for accelerating the transformation of priority services in nine defined sectors.

The nine priority services are health services, education services, social assistance, digital identity based on population data, Satu Data Indonesia (SDI) services, financial transactions, service portal integration, state apparatus services to online driving licences.

INA Digital continues to be prepared in a mature manner. Ministries and agencies owners of nine SPBE priority services were also requested to undertake accelerated completion of the assignment of priority services together with Peruri. This acceleration is to agree on the right solution for the purpose and draw up assignments to Peruri.

INA Digital will play a role in supporting ministries, institutions, and local governments to build and integrate quality technologies to create the right public service solutions to accelerate sustainable digital transformation.

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