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Emil Dardak Invites Gen Z to Improve Skills to Face the Future Challenges

Emil Dardak said future challenges will be solved bu Gen Z.

Deputy Governor of East Java, Emil Dardak.
Foto: Republika.co.id
Deputy Governor of East Java, Emil Dardak.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Meaningful Participation successfully organized a Meaningful Discussion program on the theme 'Young Inspiration, Real Action: The Role of Young People to Strengthen the Creative Economy, Care for the Environment, and Cultivate Diversity' at Warung WOW, South Jakarta, Thursday (8/2/2024). The speaker was the Deputy Governor of East Java, Emil Dardak.

Moderated by the Coordinator of Meaningful Participation Daily, Charisma Bintang Alghazy, the discussion was attended by hundreds of young people and students. On that occasion, Emil Dardak advised Gen Z to continue improving and strengthening skills to face the challenges of increasingly complex times.

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The challenge was driven in full by the increasingly rapid development of technology. “With the faster and rapid development of the current times, if it is not balanced with capable abilities or skills, then we will be far behind,” Emil said in a press release in Jakarta, Saturday (10/2/2024) evening.

The former regent of Trenggalek explained that, in addition to skills, the younger generations need to increase creativity in order to continue creating for the betterment of the nation. He also hopes that the presence of an innovative forum can encourage millennials, to be used as a means of developing MSMEs whose potential is still great in Indonesia.

“The government is pushing Rp 460 trillion for People's Business Credit (KUR) so that more finance can be accessed by MSMEs,” Emil said.

On the other hand, Emil's presence and exposure were greatly appreciated by Meaningful Participation. The National Coordinator of Meaningful Participation, Muhammad Adnan, said that Emil's passion in becoming deputy governor has opened his eyes to how the younger generation is able to navigate the challenges of the times.

“Mas Emil is a figure in harmony with the spirit of Meaningful Participation. We want how young people are able to be part of public policy making that can be widely felt not only for young people but for the whole community,” Adnan said.

Chairman of Meaningful Dialogue, Intan Yasarah, said that Meaningful Dialogue is dedicated to contributing to Gen Z and millennial thinking for the creative economy, environmental preservation, and promotion of diversity in society. “Dialogue like this can spark passion and ideas in developing innovation and pioneering Indonesia's transformation for the better,” Intan said.

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