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KAI Commuter Prepares Million Passenger Transport Strategy

Importing KRL from China is one of KCI's steps towards this.

KRL Commuter Line was paired with red and white flags at Jakarta Kota Station on Friday (18/8/2023).
Foto: Republika/Putra M. Akbar
KRL Commuter Line was paired with red and white flags at Jakarta Kota Station on Friday (18/8/2023).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia or KAI Commuter has prepared a strategy to transport one million passengers in the second half of 2024.

KAI Commuter Corporate Secretary Anne Purba said the procurement of three electric rail trains (KRL) from China was one of the measures to deal with the surge in passenger numbers. “Why were there three KRL imports? Because this year we have approached up to 1 million (passengers), even later in the semester II-2024, we have reached 1 million passengers for the prediction,” said Anne in Jakarta, Tuesday (6/2/2024).

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KAI Commuter has also drawn up a strategy for the long term, particularly in addressing the preparation of 2 million passengers in 2025-2026.

According to Anne, since the construction of the LRT connected with Cawang Station and BNI City Station, the number of KRL passengers increased by up to 32 percent.

“In 2025-2026 actually the government is asking us to target how we transport 2 million people so we are prepared to buy the new KRL which is 16, to add capacity then that import in anticipation of that,” Anne said.

In the fulfillment of the KRL, KAI Commuter has also signed cooperation on the procurement of KRL means, among which the procurement of 16 sets of new KRL means by PT INKA with a total investment of Rp 3.83 trillion. Next, the procurement of 19 sets of KRL retrofits by INKA with a total investment of Rp 2.23 trillion.

Finally, the procurement of three new KRL series imported by CRRC Sifang with a total investment of Rp 783 billion. All of its financing is from KAI Commuter loans, shareholder loans from PT KAI, and assistance from the government through state capital participation (PMN).

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