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Arabica Coffee will be The Flagship Commodity of West Lampung

Farmers in Sekincau Village are judged to be successful in cultivating arabica coffee.

A number of workers sorting coffee fruit (illustration).
A number of workers sorting coffee fruit (illustration).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, WEST LAMPUNG -- The Government of West Lampung Regency in Lampung Province supports the development of arabica coffee in its region so that it can become one of the region's leading commodities. Chief Regent of Lampung Barat Nukman said that so far the arabica coffee industry has been less in demand among farmers in his region.

“All this time it was said to be a paddy coffee whose fruit is rare, and West Lampung had a failure in the development of this type of coffee in the 80s due to anthracnose and nematode attacks,” he said as quoted in a press release by the local government in West Lampung, Wednesday (31/1/2024).

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He hopes that the success of a farmer in Sekincau Village cultivating arabica coffee can encourage other farmers in West Lampung to cultivate this type of coffee.

Acting Regent of West Lampung together with Governor Arinal Djunaidi reviewed Ahmad Supriyono's arabica coffee garden in Sekincau Village on Tuesday (30/1/2024). Ahmad Supriyono, who was judged successful in cultivating arabica coffee, said that he applied the hedge planting method in coffee cultivation in his garden.

“Alhamdulillah in the last year the yield has reached 3.4 tons with a land area of a quarter hectare. This year I'm aiming for up to four tons,” he said.

Lampung Governor Arinal Djunaidi expressed his pride at seeing the success of coffee farmers in West Lampung.

“It was great to see a gin kayak coffee garden,” he said.

“Later, when it is time to harvest, I will try to invite Mr. Minister of Plantation. We will show the potential of arabica coffee in West Lampung, as well as invite him to participate in the harvest, pick the coffee,” he added.

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