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Three Suspected Shooters of Boyolali Residents Arrested

Police said the three perpetrators were secured on Sunday (28/1/2024) afternoon.

Rep: C02/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Illustration of police shooting.
Foto: MgRol112
Illustration of police shooting.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Solo—Central Java police say they have secured three suspected perpetrators of the shooting that killed Yudha Bagus Setiawan (36 years old), a resident of Bendan Village, Banyudono District, some time ago. The Public Relations Cabinet of Jateng Kombes Police Pol Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto confirmed this.

He said the arrested perpetrators were one main perpetrator while the other two were those who aided the actions of the main perpetrator. “Yes, so the ones that have been secured are three. One main perpetrator and two who helped,” Bayu said when contacted by, Monday (29/1/2024).

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Referring to where the perpetrators were secured, the publicist Kabid did not elaborate. However, he said all three offenders were secured yesterday afternoon. “Yesterday afternoon. (Where) Yes in the region,” he said.

Bayu explained that the case was still in development. However, for details to be delivered at tomorrow's case release. “But while it's still development yeah plans tomorrow I'm releasing,” he said.

Earlier, Karanganyar AKBP Police Chief Jerrold Hendra Kumontoy explained his commitment to fully uncover the case of the shooting of unknown persons (OTK). He said he was gathering evidence and information needed in the investigation.

“We (Karanganyar Police Station) have coordinated with Jateng Police to conduct further investigation, as the incident is of special attention,” Jerrold said Sunday (28/1/2024) night.

On the other hand, he asked for the blessing of the community so that the case came to light immediately and the suspect could be immediately arrested and processed according to the applicable legal rules.

Meanwhile, Jateng Kombes Police Public Relations Board Pol Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto explained that it is currently conducting forensic laboratory tests on the alleged powerful projectile that caused the death of the victim.

“It is currently being checked for labfor. For the results cannot yet be delivered because it is still in the realm of investigation,” he said.

Bayu called on the public to entrust the disclosure of the case to the Police and hoped the joint team would uncover the case soon. “If any public citizen has information or anything else related to this case, please report it immediately to Karanganyar Police Station or Jateng Police,” he said.

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