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Salimah Organization: Make Home a Base for Women's Quality Improvement

Salimah currently has 35 Regional Leaders (PWs).

Foto: Dok Salimah

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA --The base of every charity done by women is home. Instead of removing women from her home, Salimah worked to improve the quality of Indonesian women, children, and families, by making the home a base.

This was stated by the General Chairman of Salimah, Etty Praktiknyowati, when he addressed the Working Meeting (Raker) of Leaders of the Muslimah Brotherhood Center (PP Salimah) in Jakarta on Saturday to Sunday (13-14/1/2024).

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“Our home has become the center of Salimah's activities. For example, Baitul Quran Salimah (BQS) which is a center for learning the Quran, Salimah outlet that is a place for sale and purchase transactions, an educational house where Seniors and Pre-Marriage Schools are held, as well as Integrated Mother's Schools. It's all carried out in homes,” Etty explained.

In the presence of the administrators of PP Salimah, Etty also reminded that the organization faces complexity in various life joints. Local and global challenges always change.

Therefore, she advised that managers strengthen themselves to consistently fight for the interests of women, children, and families, by making the home a center of activity.

“We are not running away from challenges. We are always bracing ourselves to deal with it. The complexity of the problems faced by Indonesian women must be faced with an endless struggle,” Etty said.

Armed with strong determination, Salimah together with various components of the nation carried out the human development of Indonesia as a whole. This women's organization is determined to consistently develop the ability of Indonesian people to be God-fearing, noble in nature, happy, intelligent, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

“The struggle of the founders of Salimah and our struggle are different. Like a tree, the founders sought to grow, and we seek to expand it. These two are united by thought,” Etty said.

Salimah currently has 35 Regional Leaders (PWs) based in provincial capitals, 390 Regional Leaders (PD) in cabs/cities, 2126 Branch Leaders (PCs) in subdistricts, 1027 Branch Leaders (PrA) in villages/wards, and 1 Salimah Overseas Representative (PSLN) in Taiwan.

The presence of Salimah structures scattered throughout Indonesia as well as representatives abroad are expected to be pioneers in improving the quality of life of Indonesian women, children, and families.

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