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BSI Maslahat Delivers Phase 3 Humanitarian Aid to Palestine

This aid is expected to help meet the basic needs of the Palestinian people.

BSI Maslahat
BSI Maslahat

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- BSI Maslahat is distributing phase 3 humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people amounting to Rp 2.1 billion, which includes operational assistance for water desalination plants, emergency housing packages, warm food packages, ready meals packages, and winter packages.

The distribution of aid is carried out jointly with the Al-Khair Foundation as an Islamic social and humanitarian agency engaged in the provision of aid to communities around the world, with a primary focus on developing and poor countries. Previously BSI Maslahat had channeled Palestinian aid through Al-Khair amounting to Rp 1 billion.

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“This assistance is expected to help meet the basic needs of the Palestinian people,” BSI Executive Director Maslahat Sukoriyanto Saputro said in an official statement in Jakarta on Monday (8/1/2024).

BSI Maslahat is a zakat institution as well as a strategic partner of PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk in collecting and distributing ZISWAF funds (zakat, infak, alms, and waqaf), social donations, and social responsibility and environmental responsibility (TJSL).

Until December 31, 2023, the total donations collected amounted to Rp 7.4 billion. Sukoriyanto said that Palestinian donations are still open, BSI Maslahat invites all Indonesians to continue strengthening Palestinian humanitarian solidarity by donating through BSI Mobile on the menu Share Ziswaf, Humanitarian Aid (Palestine) or simply click

Donations can also be made by transfer to BSI 7180028007 a.n BSI Maslahat account or can also be made via

“We thank the donors who have channeled their help and goodwill through BSI Maslahat to help the needs of our brothers in Palestine. We hope that the situation improves soon for the sake of common good,” he said.

Meanwhile, Al-Khair Foundation Director Mohab Alamawi said that BSI Maslahat's help was deeply felt by the people of Gaza. The help also provides the spirit and strength to remain steadfast and persevere in the face of difficult situations.

“We appreciate the eloquence and tenacity of the volunteers on the ground who work so hard to channel aid to those in need,” he said.

BSI Maslahat along with Al-Khair will continue to monitor the humanitarian emergency in Gaza and channel further aid as needed.

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