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Sudirman Said That Politicization Of Social Program is The Same as Corruption

"Power should not be for personal or family purposes,” Sudirman said.

Vice Captain of the National Team (Team) Amin, Sudirman Said
Foto: Antara/Donny Aditra
Vice Captain of the National Team (Team) Amin, Sudirman Said

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARATA -- Co-captain of the National Team of Reclamation Anies-Muhaimin (Team AMIN) Sudirman Said reminded the government that social assistance (bansos) for political tools for the benefit of a group is tantamount to corruption. According to him, the easiest definition of corruption is when authority in public office is for private interests, while bansos are a right of the people.

“So, if using bansos as a political tool of a certain group, by definition can fall into the category of corruption, be careful!” said Sudirman during the AMIN Jateng Declaration event in Semarang, Central Java, Friday (5/1/2024).

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Sudirman said that power is not always strong because one day power will end. Therefore, the authorities must have good practice in the administration of government, in accordance with the Basic Law (UUD) NRI of 1945.

“Restore the good faith, restore the sublime desire. It should not be power for personal or family purposes,” he said.

Meanwhile, Anies-Muhaimin (THN AMIN) National Legal Team Chairman Ari Yusuf Amir said the elected leader would have no legitimacy if the election wins by fraud. This, he said, could jeopardize the fate of Indonesians because it has the potential to cause social turmoil. Therefore, it must avoid and prevent fraud in the electoral process.

“From now on, we from the national legal team remind all, law enforcement officials, election organizers, and government officials, you act honestly,” Ari said on the same occasion.


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