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2024 Elections Must Bring Favors to People and Nations

MUI Secretary General invites people to use voting rights

Secretary General of the Indonesian Ulema Assembly (MUI), Amirsyah Tambangan.
Foto: Republika/Thoudy Badai
Secretary General of the Indonesian Ulema Assembly (MUI), Amirsyah Tambangan.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA— MUI Secretary General, Amirsyah Tambangan expressed hope that 2024 elections will bring prosperity.

Amirsyah explained that the benefits to bring benefits include goodness, safety, peace, and harmony. So, Buya Amirsyah, the 2024 election will not only produce better leaders, but also produce prosperity for the people and the nation.

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“Maslahat is something that brings benefits, benefits in the form of goodness, safety, peace, harmony in order to avoid anarchism, violence and other forms,” he said on Thursday (4/1/2024).

Furthermore, he explained, Elections for Indonesians should be dignified. Amirsyah criticized Chairman of Muhamadiyah Haidar Nashir who said that the elections are dignified and the main value is to live fruitfully in the values of Pancasila, the high religion and culture of the nation.

“These three are important and meaningful benchmarks for this nation to always be on the right, good and proper path. On the contrary, we do not fall into the wrong, bad, and inappropriate path,” Buya Amirsyah said, echoing Haidar Nashir's statement.

In the 2024 election process both the executive and the legislature have run this. Buya Amirsyah conveyed a number of his notes including:

First, according to Buya Amisryah, the candidate partner is not ready to lose, because it is only ready to win.

Second, the supporters of a candidate's spouse are too bigoted in supporting his or her candidate's running mate.

Third, the downgrading of democracy is more to procedural, and substantial neglect.

Fourth, the 2024 elections have not been fully consistent with regulations, regulations, and invitations.

“Fifth, state institutions including social organizations such as MUI, NU, Muhamadiyah are prone to be drawn into political prickly directions to support certain goals,” he explained.

From this note, Amirsyah assessed, it is necessary to have a common (collective) consciousness in order to be compact and united in order to realize the elections that will be held. UIN lecturer Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta and Universitas Muhamadiyah Jakarta encouraged five efforts to realize the upcoming 2024 elections as follows:

First, each Paslon is not only ready to win, but must be ready to lose, because behind the defeat of the Paslon, there is a victory of the people for the sovereignty of the people and the nation.

Secondly, the supporters of Paslon reasonably so that the sword is excessive (mubazzir). Excessive attitudes will breed excessive fanaticism, therefore political roughing, friends forever.

That is, with a different choice, but ukhuwah (islamiyah, basyariah and wathaniyah) is not an option, but it is obligatory to foresee all parties in order to realize the victory of the people and the people.

Third, as the third largest democracy in the world, Indonesia must be able to realize democracy from procedural to substantial, namely holding elections that conduct honest and fair procedures (jurdil), peacefully and with dignity.

Fourth, the prepared election regulations must be implemented consistently in order to realize dignified maslahat elections.

Fifth, the importance of having a common consciousness to be neutral, especially State Institutions, Election organizers and a number of Ormas such as NU, Muhammadiyah so as to realize dignified Maslahat Elections.

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