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Persis Organization: Make Elections a Means of Uniting Nations

An important political ethic maintained today is the ethics of communication.

Rep: Arie Lukihardianti/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Persis Chairman, Dr KH Jeje Zaenudin.
Foto: dok. Republika
Persis Chairman, Dr KH Jeje Zaenudin.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG -- The presidential and vice presidential elections and the 2024 legislative elections are only a few months away. Persis organization asks the whole community to make elections a means of uniting people in the common interests as a nation.

“National elections should be a means of uniting the consciousness of national and state life,” said Persis chairman Jeje Zaenudin on Monday (18/12/2023).

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To confront such political contestation, he said, the public could not and should not be forced to lump the choice together to any one would-be leader. But, he said, people must be united in their perception of the goals and ideals of the life of nations and states correctly.

“In accordance with the philosophy and ideology of the country that the founders of this country have agreed to,” he said.

According to him, as a contribution to the nation and the state, Persis through the field of daqwah, the field of organization, in cooperation with the Hisbah Council organized a seminar for dais with the theme “Strengthening the Values of Siyasah Ala Minhajin Nubuwwah (Propetic Ethics in Politics)” “Dai and mubalig as leader of da'wah and ummah leaders have an important role in setting an example for the community to follow understand and respond to political dynamics with ethics and karmic ethics and practice the morals of the prophets ,” he said.

Jeje considers among the important political ethics maintained today is the ethics of communication and social communication related to political issues. Social media should be used as a means of racing to spread good news (fastabiqul khairat) rather than as a means of spreading evil with hoax news and political shenanigans.

“An important political prophecy is also carried out is amar makruf nahyi munkar in the form of strengthening social control in order to create honest, fair, and peaceful elections, and prevent violations of political ethics such as fraud and money politics,” he said.

In the event it was also discussed about the criteria of ideal leaders, both for the legislature and the executive. In broad terms, the criteria for an ideal national leader include two aspects: the aspect of integrity and the aspect of capability.

“Aspects of integrity include the traits of honest (shidiq), trustworthy (amanah), intelligent (fathonah), and open or transparent (tabligh),” he said.

According to him, the capabilities aspects include the ability to lead and manage the country capable, able to realize the vision and mission that has been formulated, strong and healthy born inner, decisive, and authoritative.

In addition, he said, as a country is democratic and leaders are produced through a vote of the people, then acceptability becomes important. Because that leader is acceptable to all groups of Indonesian society which is very complex.

“In the end, whoever the people choose is the leader, regardless of their advantages and disadvantages,” he said.

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