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Confidence for a Muslim

This confidence is really the basis for the growth of the desire to advance.

Rep: Ratna Ajeng Tejomukti/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Imam Shamsi Ali.
Foto: Republika/Mahmud Muhyidin
Imam Shamsi Ali.

REPUBLICA.CO.ID, NEW YORK -- New York mosque imam Shamsi Ali says that when the community is solid internally, economically, politically, culturally and culturally and traditionally, it will awaken a strong sense of confidence.

“This confidence is really the basis for the growing desire to change and move forward. Without confidence there will be no change. And without change civilization will not materialize,” he said.

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That is why God emphasized the urgency of change as a prerequisite for the rise of that civilization. Indeed, God will not change the fate of a people until the people themselves begin the change from themselves.

The change in the people will occur naturally if it starts with a change in mentality. In fact, the concept of mental revolution can be understood if only you have a clear plan and goals. It's not just an empty discourse that has no reality.

Of course the most important change in mentality is the awakening of a confident soul or mentality. It is not the mentality that the minder (interior) feels defeated before a match.

“If we look at the verses of the Quran and the hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh), we will find that the motivation to build “self confidence” is always emphasized. From the concept of Tawhidullah (oneness of Allah), trust in Allah, companionship with Allah, guardianship of Allah, to the promises of Allah who will always provide help to His servants,” he explained.

All of these are the main motivations in building that “self confidence” in believers.

The word of Allah SWT that sent thousands of angels (3000 or 5000) to the Muslim army in the Badar war was also the motivation that built that confidence. Similarly, the promises of victory were all aimed at motivating confidence.

In the various statements of the Prophet Muhammad always motivates his people, especially those under privilege, to trust themselves. For example, to those who are poor, the Prophet (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) declared himself a part of them.

The prayer he said “Allahumma uhsyurni fii zumratil masseakin” (God put me among the poor) was not intended to impoverish his people. Quite the opposite to build up their confidence that they are poor they are not ignored let alone looked down upon.

In another hadith he recalls, “Ahibbul Masaakin. Innamaa nushirtum bil masaakiin” (love the poor. For you have been helped by Allah because of the poor.

It is also a clear indication of how he built a spirit of confidence in those who are often looked down upon in society.

“Here we see that the powerful civilization was awakened on a solid “confident” spirit. An unconfident nation or people will not be able to build civilization. “Inferiority or feelings of inferiority will only be a burden, and even a cause of weakness and complacency,” he said.

Look at the majority of the Islamic world today. Almost the entire Islamic world is in a favorable position in terms of natural resources. From agriculture, forestry, to marine (nautical wealth) is owned by the Islamic world. Even arid countries are given other sources of natural wealth, including oil and gas mining wealth for example.

But why are these people still far behind? One of the factors is psychiatry which is always dependent on other nations. This dependence is clearly caused by the loss of that sense of confidence. As a result, the wealth of Islamic countries is often fine dining.

Sometimes a Muslim nation loses confidence and plays like a puppet in the hands of others. One of those games was “devide et impera” among them. The disunity and even inter-group warfare in the body of this one Ummah became a laughable spectacle.

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