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3 Programs of LAZISNU PBNU and BPKH in West Java

NU Care-Lazisnu PBNU and BPKH RI target 3 (three) points

NU Care-Lazisnu PBNU and BPKH RI target 3 (three) points
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NU Care-Lazisnu PBNU and BPKH RI target 3 (three) points

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- NU Care-lazisnu PBNU in cooperation with the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) RI again provides benefits to the community through the Welfare Program in the scope of Education and Daqwah assistance, as well as Religious Social.

This time, the NU Care-Lazisnu Community Program PBNU and BPKH RI targeted 3 (three) location points in West Java Province, realized in the form of assistance in the form of, (1) Procurement of laptops for the Regional Leaders of the Association of Teachers Raudhatul Athfal (PD IGRA) of Bogor City; (2) Construction of new classrooms of Madrasah Aliyah (MA) Al Hidayah Cianjur, as well as; (3) Construction of Halal Certification office of Halal Foundation Thoyyib Barokah Cianjur, West Java.

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The handover and inauguration of the aid was carried out in a hybrid way during the distribution of aid for IGRA PD in Bogor City, on Tuesday (5/12/2023).

Executive Director of NU Care-Lazisnu PBNU, Qohari Cholil revealed that the implementation of all three Welfare Programs was due to the involvement of three parties, namely BPKH RI, Commission VIII DPR RI, and NU Care-Lazisnu PBNU.

“This program was implemented due to the involvement of three parties, namely BPKH as the owner of the program and also the funder, then Ms. Diah Pitaloka as Vice Chair of Commission VIII of the DPR RI as an expert advisor who connected the potential beneficiaries to the BPKH Welfare Program, and also NU Care-Lazisnu PBNU as the implementing partner of the BPKH Welfare Program,” Qohari said.

The party expressed its gratitude to BPKH RI for entrusting NU Care-Lazisnu as a partner of the Kemaslahatan Program.

“For the implementation of two development assistance programs in Cianjur and a laptop device procurement program in Bogor City, I once again express my gratitude to BPKH, and congratulations to the institutions that have received benefits from the Community Program. Please that the assistance provided can be maintained and hopefully useful according to its function,” he said.

The Head of Registration and Analysis Division of BPKH RI, Agung Sri Hendarsa explained that the aid distributed is in accordance with BPKH's commitment to distribute the value of benefits from the proceeds of the Abadi Umat Fund (DAU) as stipulated in PP number 5 of 2018 on the implementation of Law number 34 of 2014 related to the financial management of Hajj and is also regulated in PBPKH number 7 on the priority of social activities, one of which is the improvement of educational infrastructure and education wah as well as the development of the social and religious sphere.

“In accordance with the mandate of the Act, BPKH RI manages the Hajj fund and the Kemaslahatan fund (Dana Abadi Umat). The funds managed by BPKH are approximately Rp170 trillion, which comes from the development of sharia investments totaling Rp135 trillion in initial deposit funds of 5.5 million potential hajj pilgrims. Of the total fund, IDR 3.8 trillion is the Umat Abadi Fund,” Agung explained.

The fund, he added, is then developed according to Sharia principles and generates about Rp230 billion a year. This development fund is then the source of the distribution of the Welfare Program.

“So all the funds used in the Kemaslahatan Program, including assistance in the development of educational and devotional facilities, social religious and economic development of the Ummah, do not use the initial deposit of Hajj worshippers at all, but from the value of the benefits of the Abadi Umat Fund managed by BPKH RI in accordance with the principles of sharia, prudence, non-profit, transparent, and accountable,” he said.

It mentioned that there are 7 (seven) scope of activities of the Community Program, namely, (1) Hajj Worship Service; (2) Education and Proclamation; (3) Health; (4) Religious Social; (5) Economic Empowerment of the Ummah; (6) Infrastructure for Worship, and (7) Disaster Response.

“The program that we are currently inaugurating belongs to the scope of Education and Procurement of the Kemaslahatan Program, namely the construction of MA Al Hidayah Cianjur classrooms, and also the procurement of 40 laptop devices for private RA teachers in Bogor City. As for the construction of Halal Certification office space, the Thoyyib Halal Foundation is a manifestation of our commitment in the Social and Religious sphere”, Agung said.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Vice Chairman of Commission VIII of the Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia, Wahyu Mulyana, conveyed the background of the emergence of the three programs.

“Congratulations on the assistance that has been received by each institution. These three programs start from conveying the aspirations of the communities for the needs in each institution, then the aspiration is directed to be submitted in the form of a proposal to the BPKH Kemaslahatan Program,” Wahyu said.

She hopes that the aid program distributed will not only benefit the recipients but will also be a charity for BPKH and NU Care-Lazisnu.

“Alhamdulillah on this occasion Madrasah Aliyah Al Hidayah and Thoyyib Cianjur Halal Foundation, and Bogor City IGRA PD got approval for the proposed proposal. This assistance is expected not only to benefit its recipients but also to be a charity for all parties involved, namely BPKH and NU Care-Lazisnu, who have become philanthropic partners,” he said.

Also present at the inauguration and handover of assistance were Head of the Bogor City Religious Ministry Office H Dede Supriatna, the NU Care-Lazisnu PBNU Welfare Program Team, local community leaders, and Raudhatul Athfal (RA) teachers in Bogor City.

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