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Shaykh Isa Profile, The Martyr in Gaza

Shaykh Isa was murdered as a result of Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip

Rep: Ratna Ajeng Tejomukti / Red: Erdy Nasrul
Shaykh Isa Al-Herthani, a Quran volunteer in Gaza was killed. Sheikh Isa dies as a result of Israeli attack in Gaza Strip
Foto: Dok Istimewa
Shaykh Isa Al-Herthani, a Quran volunteer in Gaza was killed. Sheikh Isa dies as a result of Israeli attack in Gaza Strip

REPUBLICA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The extended family of Daarul Quran has lost Sheikh Isa Al-Herthani, a volunteer who is a citizen of Gaza, martyred as a result of Israeli attacks.

The leader of Daarul Quran, Muhammad Anwar Sani, said Sheikh Isa was part of the Laznas PPPA @daarul_quran Representative Team for Palestine, as well as the Nanny of Tahfiz Daarul Quran Gaza House.

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“Actually the deceased joined Daarul Quran since 2014 during the establishment of tahfiz house in Gaza. But just a week after it was inaugurated, the Tahfidz House was hit by 12 rockets by Israel,” he told Republika.co.id on Wednesday (22/11/2023).

Sheikh Isa then remained with Daqu rebuilding the damaged Tahfiz House despite having to collect donations back from the Indonesian people. After the Tahfiz House was rebuilt, Sheikh Isa later became a teacher at the school.

It's just that learning and teaching activities can't go on every day. When the situation is secure they will study at Tahfiz House.

But if it is in a war situation, school is off and Sheikh Isa will volunteer as he did a month ago.

Ustadz Anwar Sani, who had met him while visiting Indonesia, admired his character. Sheikh Isa was known to be a well-mannered and humble figure.

When visiting Indonesia, Sheikh Isa was a special guest in Laznas PPPA @daarul_quran's exclusive podcast. He mesmerized by chanting the holy verse of the Quran Surat Al-Mukminin verses 102-106.

Sheikh Isa, with a trusting heart, full of risk, full of struggle. It took courage Sheikh Isa decided he was willing to become the representative of Laznas PPPA Daarul Quran to channel donor aid in Indonesia since mid-October.

Thanks to him, the Palestinian donations collected by Laznas PPPA Daarul Quran reach women, mothers who lost husbands, children who lost fathers and mothers, fathers who lost family members amid the never-ending Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“I had a moment to think about how to make donations to the needy people with the current difficult situation, but Sheikh Isa with incredible spirit and courage was able to hand over the help to the right hands,” he said.

On Thursday (16/11/2023), communication with him was hampered, and on Sunday (19/11/2023), word came that Sheikh Isa was pronounced dead with his family. Her second daughter had not even been a month old when a family member died.

“Let's pray together for his departure. May God give the best place, and they all become masters of heaven, amen,” he said.

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