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The Jewish Leader Had Used Two Swords Against Ali Bin Abi Thalib, Also Fallen

The Khaibar War occurred after the Messenger of Allah completed the Treaty of Hudaybiyah.

Rep: Umar Mukhtar/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
The Jewish leader had used two swords against Ali ibn Abi Thalib and also fell. Photo: Location of Badar War (illustration)
Foto: wikipedia
The Jewish leader had used two swords against Ali ibn Abi Thalib and also fell. Photo: Location of Badar War (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Battle of Khaibar took place in Muharram, the seventh year of Hijrah, coinciding with May 628 A.D., between Muslims and Jews in Khaibar.

After the Jews broke their covenant with the Muslims in the Battle of Trench or Khandaq (in the fifth year of Hijrah), the Messenger of Allah punished them in the Battle of Bani Qurayza.

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Then they were driven out of Medina, and most of them headed for Khaibar. The region became a prime place for Jews to launch plots against Muslims and build military alliances with the enemies of Islam. They allied with Ghatafan to form a union against the Muslims. The Khaibar War occurred after the Messenger of Allah completed the Treaty of Hudaibiyah. The Khaibar War took place to stop the tyranny of the Jews. The Prophet sent Muslims to invade Khaybar in the seventh year of Muharram, and prepared an army of 1,600 mujahideen. They travelled for three days and arrived at night.

The Prophet ordered Muslims to spend the night near Khaibar. After the dawn prayer, the Muslim army moved, while the Jews left their strongholds towards their farmland.

The leader of the Jews at that time, Salam ibn Mishkam, asked his people to raise money and his family in the fort of Al Katibah, and also deployed troops in the fortress of Natat.

On the other hand, the Prophet (pbuh) ordered the felling of palm trees surrounding the Natat Fort because of the large number of date trees blocking the movement of troops. The Prophet Muhammad sent several men to conquer the fort. The Jews also fought to defend the fortress of Naat.

The first person sent to conquer the fort was Abu Bakr RA but was unable to. And after that, Umar bin Al Khattab RA, who was also unsuccessful. The first day ended and neither side won.

Fighting continued in the morning, and fighting continued for three days. The Jews fought in front of their fortress, frightened by the war on the ground directly.

In that situation, the Prophet Muhammad said that he would give the banner to those who love Allah and His Messenger, as well as those who love Allah and His Messenger. Every best friend begins to hope that the banner will be a part of it.

The next day, the Prophet called Ali bin Abi Thalib, who was suffering from inflammation of the eye. Then the Messenger of Allah put some of his saliva in the eyes of Ali ibn Abi Thalib. The problem in Ali RA's eyes was removed and the banner was given to him.

Ali bin Abi Thalib RA came out carrying the sword “Zulfiqar” and a massive battle ensued. The commander of the fortress of Naat on the Jewish side, Al Harits ibn Abi Zainab, was killed, and his brother Marhab took over afterwards.

Marhab was known for being a great fighter and being one of the Jewish heroes. Marhab came out wearing two armors and two swords to duel with Ali. Marhab fell at the hands of Ali ibn Abi Thalib.

The Muslims managed to conquer various Jewish strongholds in the Khaibar War. Starting from Na'im fort, Al Qamous fort, Sa'b bin Moaz fort, then Al Watih and Al Salam, to Khaibar fort.

The fortresses began to collapse one after another, until only Al Watih and Al Salam fortresses remained. Then the Muslims surrounded the Jews for 14 days and saw nothing but surrender.


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