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The World Needs Young Generations with Good Morals: Indonesian VP

Indonesian VP called universities to strengthen roles in building morality.

Rep: Fauziah Mursid/ Red: Hasanul Rizqa
Indonesian Vice President (VP) Maruf Amin
Foto: Setwapres RI
Indonesian Vice President (VP) Maruf Amin

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Jakarta -- Indonesian Vice President (VP) Ma'ruf Amin has stressed on the need to create a young generation of intellectuals who uphold the values of Islam and morality. The VP of Indonesia said that today's world will not be better simply by increasing the number of scholars.

“The world needs a generation that is intelligent and morally good. They also understand the Islamic values as the main foundation in self-development,” said Ma'ruf Amin, last week.

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According to him, universities are not only places to hone science skills, but also key institutions that play concrete roles in building morality, culture, and public welfare. Therefore, the main task of universities is not only to produce as many graduates as possible, but also to yield qualified and good-character alumni.

Alumni are expected to be able to contribute greatly according to the demands of the industrial world and the development of the times.

“Education is the key to the future of the nation. Therefore, the quality and quality of education at all levels, especially universities, must continue to be improved,” he said.

Because of this, he encouraged colleges to score graduates not only mastering science but also religious science. Ma'ruf said that in today's world many problems arise and require ijtihad (independent reasoning) from those who have capabilities on the religion.

In addition, universities are also expected to prepare human resources who are experts in sharia economics and finance. This is because the economy and finance of sharia are being revived by the Indonesin Government.

According to him, the economic and financial development of the national sharia continues to be spurred through synergies between stakeholders. “By strengthening sharia economic research centers, as well as carrying out measurable revitalization, institutions can move nimbly and adaptively respond to the dynamics of the times,” he said.

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