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Baznas Collaborates with Nahdlatul Ulama to Grant Scholarships

Baznas provides education funding worth Rp 10 billion for educational programs.

Baznas cooperates with PBNU to provide scholarship programs to the students.
Foto: Dok. BAZNAS
Baznas cooperates with PBNU to provide scholarship programs to the students.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) RI cooperates with Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) in the college scholarship program. The collaboration was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation Agreement conducted by BAZNAS RI and Nahdlatul Ulama, at PBNU Building, Central Jakarta, Monday (20/11/2023).

Under this memorandum of understanding, BAZNAS handed over IDR 10 billion to Nahdlatul Ulama to be used as NU's human resources (HR) investment by setting up several higher education scholarship programs. Chairman of BAZNAS RI Prof. Dr. KH Noor Achmad, appreciated what PBNU has done towards the IDR 10 billion fund used for educational scholarship programs.

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“This is incredible PBNU's commitment of Rp 10 billion to education. It is important for us to note, this is to prepare the generation to build the future,” he said, in a written statement on Tuesday (21/11/2023).

Noor hopes that cooperation with PBNU can continue and expand through various other programs.

“We are interested in this funding being used by PBNU for education, not for anything else. Thank you, I hope this cooperation continues. Hopefully what is gained gets a blessing, and many students get a blessing,” Noor said.

On the occasion, PBNU General Chairman KH Yahya Cholil Staquf thanked BAZNAS for their efforts, giving confidence to PBNU.

“This means a lot to PBNU as well as the students in need as provided by BAZNAS,” he said.

Yahya explained that PBNU made this HR training one of the main agendas of PBNU. This is in line with the tagline of the National Consultation of Alim Ulama (Munas) and the Great Conference (Konbes) of NU, which is to accompany the people to win the future.

“Hopefully it will be baroque, a jariyah for those who have entrusted to BAZNAS. Hopefully it does not disappoint, may they earnestly accept the harvest later. This must be remembered by those who receive it, to be used for things that can actually be harvested by jariyah. Hopefully NU can have a more real presence and strategy in winning people to build the future,” he said.

Meanwhile, BAZNAS RI Head of Distribution and Outreach Saidah Sakwan said, both organizations have been cooperating since 2022 through various programs such as the construction of Health Home, to the construction of Ma'arif SMK in Grogol.

“God willing this year's cooperation focuses on higher education scholarship programs, including preparation of scholarships abroad, preparation for State University (PTN), Nahdlatul Ulama College (PTNU) scholarships, and S1-S2 scholarships,” Saidah explained.

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