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Corruption Does Not Increase Rizq

The perpetrators of corruption are always overshadowed by fear.

Rep: Rossi Handayani/ Red: Fitriyan Zamzami
[Illustration] corruption
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[Illustration] corruption

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Most people think that a lot of income means a lot of provision as known in Islam as rizq. Although the truth is not the case, because income with rizq is two different things.

As quoted from the book Fiqih ASN and Employees by Ustadz Ammi Nur Baits, you see this conclusion: “Every rizq is income, but not all income will be rizq. ” So that income is wider in scope than rizq.

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In order to understand this rule, let us consider the following explanation, The essence of rizq is what God is destined to serve our life in the world. So the essence of rizq is what we consume, what we use until it breaks, or whatever possessions serve us.

This is how the nature of rizq was explained by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). As mentioned in the hadith of Abdullah ibn Sikhir Radhiyallahu anhu, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said,

“Man always says, 'My treasure... my treasure... 'whereas the essence of your treasure, O man, is only what you eat until it is exhausted, what you use until it is destroyed, and what you devour, so that it remains on the Day of Resurrection. “(HR. Ahmad 16305, Muslim 7609, and others)

While what we collect is not necessarily our rizq ration, because not all of the produce we collect, we will consume it or use it.

Therefore, no matter how rich a man is, no matter how much his income, he will not be able to surpass his allowance of rizq.

The guy who has a ton of rice, he's only going to eat a plate. A man who owns 100 cars, he will only utilize one car. A man who has 100 houses, he will occupy only one room, so on. While the rest, it was not he who took advantage of it, although he was the one who had it.

Many people in Jakarta have villas around the summit or in other areas. However, it is not necessarily that he can enjoy it every week, not even necessarily every month.

It could be that we have hundreds of millions in savings in the account. However, in fact, we can only benefit from a fraction of a percent. The rest are other people who will take advantage of it.

It could be that someone has a very abundant treasure from the proceeds of corruption or taking state money. However, he was always haunted by fear, lest he be caught by the antigraft officer or caught by the authorities. So he tried to do money laundry, buying assets everywhere on behalf of others. However, in fact, he was not able to take advantage of it.

Even more so when he has many diseases, many foods are abstinent for him, so that he cannot consume various dishes, when the money is a lot. That is God's way of limiting the risk of His servant. They can have, but not necessarily be able to enjoy it.

While we understand the character of the world, the lawful are hisab, the haram are punished. So that those who accumulate wealth in an illegitimate way, must bear the risk in the hereafter. Although not necessarily he can make use of it when in the world. 

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