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Israel Seeks Reason for Attack on Indonesian Hospital in Gaza

Indonesian Hospital of Hope for Residents in Northern Gaza.-

Rep: Fuji E Permana, Muhyiddin/ Red: Fitriyan Zamzami
Condition of Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, Wednesday (1/11/2023).
Foto: AFP/Bashar Taleb
Condition of Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, Wednesday (1/11/2023).

JAKARTA -- Indonesian hospitals in Gaza are currently one of the few places to treat residents in northern Gaza victims of Israeli bombardment. Israel has been looking for a reason to bombard the health facility.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C), Sarbini Abdul Murad, said that almost a month of violence had occurred in the Gaza Strip. Casualties are increasing every day, Indonesian hospitals are the main focus in northern Gaza.

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He explained that there are two major hospitals functioning in Gaza, among them Al-Shifa Hospital in Central Gaza and Indonesian Hospital in Northern Gaza. The two hospitals are the focus of the people of Gaza City for emergency treatment due to the war waged by Israel.

“On several occasions, Israel tried to commit one public lie that said RS Indonesia stored or made bunkers to store diesel fuel,” Sarbini said during a press conference on clarifying Israel's allegations against RS Indonesia at MER-C headquarters in Jakarta, Monday (6/11/2023).


The Israel occupation forces (IDF) have previously accused the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza of storing diesel fuel and having underground passages to carry out acts by Hamas.

The Presidium of MER-C Indonesia, Farid Thalib explains the building of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza. There is a door to the basement of RS Indonesia, it is not for car parking but to store the needs or support of RS Indonesia.

Next to the main building of RS Indonesia there is a morgue, and next to it is a place for oxygen production. The oxygen is connected to the main building of RS Indonesia through the underground. Because in Indonesian hospitals there are no oxygen cylinders except in emergencies.

“Then next to it there is another generator set, measuring 500 KVA and 700 KVA there are two, used alternately if the power goes out, there is another 600 KVA Generator set, next to it there is a tank for storing diesel fuel for use in the generator,” Farid said at MER-C headquarters, Jakarta, Monday (6/11/2023).

Farid confirmed that the tank is indeed made of diesel fuel to supply the needs of Genset in RS Indonesia. The generator is below, the diesel for supply to the generator is also below. Stored under is artistically nice, and safe if shot because in war conditions it can get shot and burn.

“It means Israel's accusation that RS Indonesia stores diesel, the diesel fuel is actually to power the generator,” Farid said.

On social media, there is also a kind of door or hole to the underground, the Presidium of MER-C Indonesia confirmed, the hole is definitely not in RS Indonesia.


"We refute the allegations, we built the Indonesian hospital in a truly professional context, according to the needs of the people of Gaza, then and now, what Israel alleges could be a precondition for Israel to carry out an attack on the Indonesian hospital in Gaza,” Sarbini said.

Thus, Sarbini insists, MER-C appeals to the international community to safeguard institutions or institutions that are clearly protected by law, one of which is a hospital. MER-C calls on the entire community to denounce Israel for not committing brutal measures againstIndonesian hospitals.

“Because it (Indonesian RS) is the focus of the people of Gaza in the North, 450 thousand Gazans depend on the Indonesian hospital, this Indonesian hospital is the mainstay and the main focus of the people of Gaza,” Sarbini said.

Sebulan Genosida di Gaza - (Republika)

Indonesian RS Director Atef al-Kahlout also appealed to the Indonesian government to exert pressure on all, on the United States, on Britain, on France, on the United Nations, as well as on the invaders.“To immediately stop the attacks on the Gaza Strip. And stop their threat to attack Indonesian Hospitals,” Atef said in a written statement received by Republika on Monday (6/11/2023).

Atef called on the Indonesian government to pressure the Israeli occupiers to stop the attack on the Indonesian Hospital, and the attacks around the Indonesian Hospital. “Indonesian hospitals have been attacked and bombarded since the first day, resulting in two martyrs inside the Indonesian Hospital,” Atef said.

He strongly believes the Indonesian government will be able to pressure the occupiers to stop attacks on the Palestinian people, on hospitals, and provide protection to Indonesian guest houses.

“Here, from the heart of the attack, from the heart of the Indonesian Hospital, from the heart of the Indonesian government representative, from their guest house, the Indonesian people ask the government to provide full protection to all workers, all patients and refugees who are inside the hospital, which has reached more than 5.000 people,” he said.

In addition, Atef also called on the Indonesian government to press everything to stop attacks on Indonesian hospitals, as well as provide full protection to Indonesian hospitals.

“We are very confident that the Indonesian government is able to exert strong pressure on the United Nations, on the USA, on the invaders to stop attacks on hospitals,” Atef said.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi called on Israel to stop killing civilians and attack civilian facilities such as hospitals, mosques and churches. “Comply with international humanitarian law. The UN secretary-general once said that even in war there are laws,” Retno said in a video released by the Foreign Ministry on Monday. 

With regard to the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, MOFA ensures that the hospital is still operating to treat victims of the Israeli-Hamas conflict, despite dwindling fuel supplies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also continued to communicate with three MER-C volunteers at the hospital, namely Fikri Rofiul Haq, Reza Aldilla Kurniawan, Farid ZanAl Ayubi, to ensure their safety. The three Indonesian volunteers chose to remain in Gaza to continue their humanitarian work.

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