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Speech at Graduation Ceremony, Syafruddin: Al Azhar Born Qualified Human Resources

Syafruddin Kambo said Al Azhar education strengthens moderate Islamic teachings.

Chairman of ASFA Foundation Syafruddin Kambo receives award from Al Azhar University Egypt
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Chairman of ASFA Foundation Syafruddin Kambo receives award from Al Azhar University Egypt

REPUBLIC.CO.ID, CAIRO -- Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt graduated thousands of students. The graduates of this year's class are named “Gazans”. The name was pinned directly by Al-Azhar's Grand Shaykh Prof. Dr. Ahmad At-Thoyyib as an apparent support of Al-Azhar's to the Palestinian against Israel.

The graduation event was attended by Deputy Grand Sheikh Al-Azhar Prof. Dr. Muhammad Duwaini, Minister of Culture, Minister of Youth and Sports of Egypt, Rector of Al-Azhar University Prof. Dr. Salamah Daud, Chairman of ASFA Foundaton/Deputy Director of DMI Syafruddin, and Majma' Al-Buhust Al-Islamiyah Prof. Dr. Nadhir Al-Islamiyah Ayyyadh.

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Other guests were Adviser to the Grand Sheikh; Prof. Dr. Nahla Soidy, Prof. Dr. Abdu Daim Nusair, Ambassador Abdurrahman Musa, Chairman of OIAI Center Prof. Dr. Osamah Yasin and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Husein Al-Mahrosowi, 35 Ambassadors of Sahabat State, Vice Rector, Dean and High Officials at Al-Azhar.

Al-Azhar graduated students received various strategic messages from Al-Azhar personalities before they return to their home. They are all expected to be Al-Azhar ambassadors. The alumni will spread Islamic wisdom, inspiration, tolerance and peace throughout the world.

In his speech Prof. Salamah Daud stated that Al-Azhar taught his students moderate Islamic values and views.

Prof. Duwaini in his speech appealed to Al-Azhar alumni to remain and continue to adhere to the values that Al-Azhar has taught.

Prof. Duwaini also advised that Al-Azhar's treatises and views of moderation be a reference and a guide for alumni in preaching Islam in their country.

Syafruddin Kambo addresses the graduation ceremony of Egypt's Al Azhar University - (web doc)



Meanwhile, Chairman of ASFA Foundation Dr. Syafruddin in his speech stated that the establishment of ASFA Foundation was inspired by Al-Azhar in presenting qualified human resources, oriented towards peaceful Islam, uniting people, spreading and preserving world peace.

Syafruddin appreciated Al-Azhar as an educational institution that played a major role in maintaining world peace. Al Azhar alumni must proclaim Islamic wisdom to Indonesians. They have successfully taken an active role in developing Indonesia in various fields.

Haji Syafruddin, who is also the deputy head of the Indonesian Mosque Council, stated that for more than 10 centuries Al-Azhar educates young people who bring change. The Al-Azhar treatise spread throughout the world. The Wasatiya view developed by Al-Azhar became a model and reference in bringing world peace.

Hajj Syafruddin also said that Egypt was the center of civilization that illuminated the world. Al-Azhar's existence in Egypt is an important milestone in illuminating the world with a welcoming Islam from east to west.

According to him, Al-Azhar has been able to produce world Islamic scholars and leaders. Al-Azhar gave birth to clerics and leaders. Al-Azhar became the largest producer of human resource needs for more than 10 centuries

Deputy General Secretary of DMI who is also Vice Chairman of Lazis ASFA KH. Anizar Masyhadi said that Al-Azhar's experience, which was able to last more than 10 centuries, should be emulated by educational institutions in Indonesia.

Boarding schools (pesantren) and educational institutions in Indonesia have experienced the process and results of Al-Azhar education. Its alumni have moved around Indonesia to become scholars, rectors, leaders of boarding schools, and Islamic organizations.

ASFA Foundation get the honore to cooperate with the well experienced and excellent educational institutions such Al Azhar.

From Al-Azhar Cairo Egypt, the Chairman of the ASFA Foundation went on a trip to Riyadh Saudi Arabia to meet with the Secretary-General of the World Muslim League Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Abdul Karim Al-Isa to discuss world peace.

Syafruddin Kambo in Egypt's Al Azhar graduation event - (web doc)

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