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Don't be Hostile because of the Presidential Election: Muhammadiyah

Muhammadiyah citizens should be critical as well as intelligent voters.

Muhammadiyah Central Executive Secretary Abdul Muti.
Foto: Muhammad Noor Alfian
Muhammadiyah Central Executive Secretary Abdul Muti.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- General Secretary of Muhammadiyah Central Leadership Abdul Mu'ti reminds people not to be too fanatical in the wake of the 2024 elections. He said that fanaticism undermines unity, moral qualities, common sense, and public civility.

“We must once again address it with common sense. There is no need to be too fanatical and there is no need to overreact to differences,” he said, quoted from YouTube channel tvMuh on Friday (27/10/2023).

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Mu'ti explains the difference in choice within the realm of democracy is an inevitability. Therefore, it is necessary to be polite and mature in dealing with differences. Differences in political choices between people must be made effective in order to enliven the democratic system with joy, mutual grace and responsibility.

He also emphasized Muhammadiyah citizens to avoid fanaticism and to be critical as well as intelligent voters. It can be done by carefully examining the programs offered by the presidential and vice presidential candidates.

“They should make choice not with considerations of a primordial-emotional nature but with rational, objective considerations, and with accountable reasoning,” he said.

Mu'ti also reminded Indonesian people not to fall into the abyss of division due to different political choices. Many problems are already clearly visible in today's Indonesia. That problem can be overcome if we keeps unity, concord and brotherhood.

“Don't be hostile by choice. If we Indonesians are hostile, we alone will bear the loss," he added.

Mu'ti also conveys, political feasts are only temporary moments. Let not the long term useful brotherhood of the people be broken up just because of this brief event. Do not lose relatives, friends, or neighbors due to a difference of choice.

“That difference in choice is inevitable and impossible to avoid, so we have to be mature in addressing the differences in choice and choosing according to critical analysis,” he explained.

He also invites them to choose according to the study of the programs offered. “Don't vote because of the lure of money. Let alone the lure of things whose very nature is contrary to morality and culture,” he said.

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