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Indonesia Musicians Join Forces to Fight Climate Change

Sonic/Panic album covers climate and economic issues.

Rep: Rahma Sulistya/ Red: Fitriyan Zamzami
Musician Endah N Rhesa. Endah N Rhesa became a musician who collaborated on the Sonic/Panic album.
Foto: ANTARA/Hafidz Mubarak A
Musician Endah N Rhesa. Endah N Rhesa became a musician who collaborated on the Sonic/Panic album.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- A total of 13 musicians collaborated on an album titled Sonic/Panic released by Alam Record. Musicians who belong to Indonesia Climate, Knowledge, Arts & Music Lab (Klima) have the view that climate and economic issues are crucial issues that must be voiced constantly.

Barasuara's vocalist and guitarist, Iga Massardi, said he was given one month to create the song included in the album, “Polo Nyaba”. He was also given a debriefing during a week in Bali, only then was able to create a song with Madura-language lyrics.

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“Writing a song about the climate is not worth knowing once, an hour, two hours. We have to be intense as to where the damage is, and we equip ourselves with knowledge of this issue,” Iga said at the exclusive showcase of the pre-release of the Sonic/Panic album in Jakarta, Tuesday (24/10/2023).

When writing the lyrics, they were also given a debriefing with how to respond to this issue according to their respective views. So in the end, the song that was created became an aspiration of criticism, which eventually became an association and understanding.

Rapper Muhammad Syaifullah “Upi” or Tuan Tigabelas, also told of his experience attending the workshop in Bali. “I regret coming there because I was exposed to a frightening fact. The second day I just kept quiet and said to myself 'what kind of earth' because this is how serious the problem is,” he said.

Upi claimed to have cried with Endah at mealtime. Because Endah herself claimed to be the most whiny among the musicians who participated in the workshop, because her husband could not come to be with her at that time.

“Yes, the same as Upi, the first day was still haha, just the second day I started to shock, thanks to the fact that it was really cool. It's quite heavy, as a musician I also have to have a way to express something, instead of scaring it, but this crisis definitely happens,” Endah said.

The album began with the call of the global Music Declares Emergency (MDE), for which MDE itself was already supported by great musicians, one of them Billie Eilish. Navicula guitarist Gede Robi explained, that MDE immediately contacted to invite him to participate in this issue.

“Indonesia is actually a natural forest as a national branding, but if a lot of damage is done to us. In the eyes of the world 'wow Indonesians don't know'. Well we want to correct that view,” Robi said on the same occasion.

The Sonic/Panic album will be released November 4, 2023. The album will consist of 13 songs with genres according to the music. A total of 13 musicians included in it were Iga Massardi, Endah N Rhesa, Navicula, Tony Q Rastafara, Tuan Tigabelas, Iksan Skuter, FSTVLST, Made Mawut, Nova Filastine, Guritan Kabudul, Kai Mata, Rhythm Rebels, and Prabumi.

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